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  1. Thanks, got understanding what N is for now. 3. I would have thought foot on footbreak, then car comes to stop, handbrake then press p, in that order So footbreak must be pressed to put the car into D P R modes
  2. https://www.ukcarmats.co.uk/products/genuine-hitech-toyota-auris-2013-onwards-tailored-vs-rubber-car-mats Thanks,I also seen these mats? Will these cover the gap in thr middle of the back floor?
  3. Picking car tomorrow never drove auto before, some questions. I seen from a picture the Auris auto box NDR 1. When parked at lights, do you put the car to N then press park button, then put up manual handbrake OR put handbrake up then press P? 2. See point 1 above, when setting off after doing above. Do you release release handbrake, then foot on footbrake then put into D 3. If parked up at lights or traffic do you put foot on footbreak then put handbrake up, then press park? What is the purpose of the N on the auto box?
  4. Spoke to Toyota main dealer they not sure if the rear mats join together and they want payment to order the mats but no point if the rear mats are separate or don't join together. Anyone able to help?
  5. Looking for car rubber mats but the rear mats need to be 1 piece or join together so there is no gap
  6. Is there a main dealer on forum who offers discount on parts?
  7. How much is fixed price promised plans?
  8. Ok, front end close to wall in car parks is not possible? Not seen car parks with a walk where you can park right upto it? What about parking on the road or street? Turn the wheels towards the kerb?
  9. You mean turn the front wheels so they point straight to the the kerb? What reg is your car, that shape auris is solid hybrid, nice car
  10. This can be fitted to the factory fitted immobiliser on the car? So £50 Inc fitting from Toyota min dealer, sounds ok
  11. How much does it cost fitting? Do you get a separate key fob?
  12. Should I get a tilt sensor fitted, does it fit to the factory fitted imboliser?
  13. Toyota said genuine rubber mats front/back cost 70 but can do them for 63. The car comes with factory fitted immobiliser, which I assume won't work if windows damaged? If I get a tilt sensor do I need to also get an alarm fitted? Can Toyota do it?
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