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  1. Many thanks Derek, I was describing it to a friend a few weeks ago and his granddaughters vw golf (I think) had turbo lag, took the garage ages to work out the problem and it did sound very similar to mine.
  2. Welcome to Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Why not introduce yourself in the New Members section.

  3. Hi, I have owned 7 Hilux's in over 30 years and have loved them all and wouldn't dream of driving any other make, 5 were second hand and the last 2 brand new. The latest one is a 2022 Invincible x 2.8 manual which I picked up at the end of March and has just over 4000 miles to date. Around 2 months ago I started to notice a "flat spot" between tickover and 1600 rpm, it feels like I am towing something really heavy and has a sort of pulsing, I also notice it on steep hills where I back off towards the top and it feels like I've hit the brakes. If it was an old petrol engine with a carburetor I would say the pilot jet was blocked. As soon as I pass 1600 rpm she flies. I took it in to my dealership and they came for a test drive and then put it on diagnostics and said all was fine and I should knock it down a gear or 2 and rev it harder! I said I have owned 7 of them and never experienced anything as gutless at low revs as this one. I was hoping this 2.8 would have loads of torque and not need reving hard especially with the price of fuel. My last truck was a 2016 and I still owned it until recently and when I occasionally took it out my 1st reaction was !Removed! HELL this is lively when pulling away. The mechanic suggested a possible blocked fuel filter but didn't offer to change it. I do remember some of my older trucks feeling like they had a new lease of life when a new filter was fitted. I always fuel up at busy filling stations but could possibly have picked up some dirty diesel? Has anyone experienced anything similar? ps. When I 1st lifted my wiper blades to clean the windscreen I found a 3inch windscreen repair in the centre like so many others have pointed out, when I showed it to the salesman and mechanic they said, "don't know anything about that" Chris
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