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  1. Any chance you could mail me the number mate? Tom tomaddo@yahoo.com
  2. Was the r5 that sounded mental purple by any chance?
  3. the 4age engine is the 1.6 dohc engine that they used in the mk1 mr2s and corolla gtis, Toyota then supercharged it and later on developed the na version using vvti and 20 valves. The best thing for you to do would be to go for the 4efte. Im guessing that in oz engines should be pretty available and there should be someone to do it for you. Tom
  4. Yeh it should be in the cat pipe, thats where it is on the mr2. Tom
  5. Nice to see you on here Dave. Have you spoken to Billy about it? Why did he do it? What golf is it? Tom
  6. The quad lights came on the 94-95 82s (correct me if im wrong lads). In my opinion i would go for the 82. They are quicker but then again if you want something newer go for the 91. Just have a look around and see what you reckon. And as for the younger ones being more reliable they probably are but the older ones dont break down much at all. Tom
  7. Nearly finished getting my new turbo on and come to plumbing my apexi boost controller back in. From the solenoid there are 2 hoses. One runs to the wastegate and the other used to run to a nipple in the ic piping. I have put in a fmic at the same time as the turbo and my new piping doesnt have a nipple. Will it be ok to just run this hose to another boost hose or will i need to get a nipple welded onto the ic piping/ Thanks in advance. Tom
  8. Is anyone else insured with Keith Michaels. Im 20, 3 years ncb paying 850 3rd party f and t on my starlet turbo. They were cheaper by miles than anyone else and there customer service is very good. Hopefully ill never have to find out how good their claims department is. Tom
  9. Yeh mate. Ive got an Air Fuel Ratio Gauge but it has been recomended that i get the EGT gauge as its more accurate. Tom
  10. Nah, i had a look and they said they wont do it anymore: http://www.hksusa.com/FAQ/?id=1594&rsku=0 Tom
  11. How longs it been in there for Tom
  12. I think shipping is about 20 quid. Have sent them an email them back but no reply as yet. Nitrous Solutions can get the same thing but they want 130 quid for it and it still has to come from the usa. The only problem is i then have to think about import tax and work out if itll be easier to get it from someone in the uk and pay a little bit more? Tom
  13. Cheers for the help lads. Been looking around and ive found this: http://store.summitracing.com/partdetail.a...part=ATM%2D2654 What do you reckon? I emailed them and they said its just as good as the Apexi ones but then again they would say that. Its alot cheaper than a Blitz one but i dont wanna buy it if its not good enough. Tom
  14. Ive know that HKS used to make a twincharger kit but i dont think they make it anymore. It put out about 210 bhp but had the scope to go upto 300+. Whether or not it is still made im not sure. What i am sure about thou is that it will cost a fortune!!!! Tom
  15. Cheers lads. Either of u used Autometer gauges? They seem to be alot cheaper but i would rather pay extra for the blitz if they arent accurate. Tom
  16. Anyone know where i can get one of these? Thought it would be a good idea to keep an eye on whats goin on in the engine. I would need the sensor aswell, do any companies sell a kit? The only place i have found that do them is Demon Tweeks and they are abuot 380 quid for everything i need. Other than that all the others are in the states. Help would be really appreciated. Tom
  17. The 3sfe is a 2 litre engine with pretty mcuh the same the same bottom end as the 3sgte. The "f" in the title refers to the fact the head is different and is designed primarily for economy rather than power. The "g" on the 3sge shows it has a better head which is designed for performance. Tom
  18. That is a pretty :censor: ed up wheel mate. How did you manage that? Tom
  19. I reckon hes off on a top secret bank job to fund his ferrari kitted MR2!!!! :P But seriously mate good luck with whatever your up to and hope to see you soon. Tom
  20. They are alot different from my recaros mate. Although they may have changed them when they bought out the Glanza? Tom
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