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  1. I’d ask to see where this is actually stated.
  2. If it’s a HEV it doesn’t matter what diameter wheels you have, it’s the “overall diameter” (wheel + tyre wall) that matters. The genuine Toyota alloy space saver with a T165/80D 17 104M tyre will fit RAV4’s with 17”, 18” or 19” wheels, this is because as the wheel diameter increases the tyre wall (profile) decreases keeping the overall diameter the same. I have 19”alloys on my Dynamic and a genuine Toyota alloy space saver (17 x 4T) as above which is what Toyota recommend. If you have a PHEV you need an 18” wheel to clear the larger discs / hubs.
  3. Hi Grant, I got it off eBay, searched for “genuine Toyota RAV4 space saver”, none came up at first so saved the search and was alerted after a couple of weeks. The seller had it advertised for £180 or best offer, I won it for £150 including Jack, tools and insert, I have seen a few others come up but they seem to be well over £200. Just checked on eBay and found this one (nothing to do with me) the 17” will fit all wheel sizes (17”, 18” and 19”) on HEV vehicles, the PHEV requires an 18” wheel. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/165500419724?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=OFRhPSGuQ2S&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=HPBSUxMMSYa&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY Another option that a number of people on here have gone for is to buy a kit from “Road Hero”
  4. I took delivery of my Dynamic (extras Pearlescent paint and Panoramic Roof) 11/6/21, looking at the new price list the same model inc extras has increased by £5,255.00 or 14.5% and taken it well over the £40k VED threshold, which effectively adds another £1775 (over 6 years) to the overall price. So if I’d have put the purchase off by 12 months, it would have cost me an additional £7k ( if I was to keep it for 6 years) glad I pressed the button when I did.
  5. Mine is a 2021 Dynamic, because I ordered the panoramic roof the system automatically deletes the space saver and adds the tyre repair kit, to do with emissions apparently Dealer wouldn’t / couldn’t order one for me so I picked up a brand new genuine Toyota alloy space saver complete with Jack, tools, foam insert etc for £150, well worth it for peace of mind.
  6. The “MyT” app is a little disappointing having come from the Jaguar InControl app (which wasn’t perfect) but did so much more. Its ok while it’s free but as it stands, I don’t think I’d subscribe to use it.
  7. Maybe the centre bore on the Road Hero is slightly larger than the Toyota one (60.1mm) and the spigot ring helps centre the wheel on the hub.
  8. So where do you draw the line to being “non standard”, do you need to notify the insurance company when fitting roof bars, roof box, child safety seat, tow bar, cycle rack, mud flaps, de-badged or black badges added.
  9. They are a good bit of kit, I was about to buy one myself until I saw the genuine Toyota one come up (unused) complete with all the tools / inserts etc for £150 . I hope I never need to use it, but it’s there if I do. A can of goo is no good if you have a shredded tyre.
  10. Mine is a genuine Toyota RAV4 alloy space saver 17” dia fitted with a T165/80 D17 104M, this will fit all HEV Rav’s with 17”, 18” or 19” wheels. The PHEV RAV4 needs an 18” space saver due to larger discs etc.
  11. Just remove the existing foam that holds the TRK, put spare wheel in recess, secure with retaining bolt, replace boot floor. I was fortunate enough to get the genuine Toyota Jack, tools and foam insert plus the polystyrene “cushion” but some foam pads have the same effect so all fits nice and neat, I still carry the TRK as well.
  12. Tricky to find. https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/liveassets.toyotaretail.co.uk/price-list/010719_VPL_CVPL_MAY_62_PAGES.pdf#page=28
  13. Agreed, I’ve been using my sons Audi Q7 for over a week while he and his family were abroad Everything about it says “quality” the weight of the doors, the way they close, the seats, trim, infotainment centre. But list price of the model he has is double the list price of my Dynamic. Having said that I’m more than happy with my HEV, I will miss the “feel” of the Q7 but not the frequent visits to the fuel forecourts.
  14. I would imagine that the steel wheel has a conical shape for the nut to seat in. The Toyota alloys (including the genuine alloy space saver) have a flat machined mating surface and the nuts have a loose flat washer attached to prevent damage when tightening. The nut also has a conical seat, that passes through the hole in the alloy, this may well seat correctly on a steel wheel, worth checking if you have a steel wheel before you’re stuck at the side of the road.
  15. It’s not about people being “clairvoyant” I’ve worked in sales all of my life for a number of companies, most recently before I retired as a National sales manager who supplied building materials to National Developers and their sub-contractors. We would give our “customers” as much notice as possible of a pending price increase, no need for crystal balls or the like, just good customer relations and business etiquette. Nobody particularly likes a price increase but most customers appreciate as much notice as possible.
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