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  1. Oh OK. I think the condition was OK. I guess my next mot check will tell me. Thanks for the info
  2. OK so thought i would update you guys So i purchased the goodyear efficient grip performance 2 and the technician actullay said my current tyres are actually in good condition. I thought they were gonna be awful comming from Japan but they have treat depth of at least 6mm all round. They are also goodyear eagle F1 tyres so i dont know how good these particular ones are. The technician said i would be stupid to change them so i got refunded and will keep these until they wear out. Dunno if he was biased, but he said the michelin tyres are the best by far in durability and performance. This guy works for kwikfit
  3. Yh I am gonna have the technician to install my internal tyre pressure monitors
  4. OK I've ordered the Goodyear efficent grip performance 2. Getting installed next Saturday. Hope I made the right choice
  5. Can anyone confirm they actually rotate tyres? Does it make that much difference?
  6. Its nice to have a monitor to check my tyre pressure at all times. I can't be asked to get the pump out and check it every time.
  7. Hi guys. So I have a slight issue. I plan to purchase a full android kit which has a tyre pressure monitor system. This particular one is an internal so I'll get the person to install it when I purchase the new tyres but I heard its good practice to rotate tyres every 6k miles or so. This would then mean I have to keep moving the sensor right?
  8. Wow thats impressive . So i am debating whether to get the Michelin or with Goodyear. If i can get 70k miles with my prius alpha then i would be very pleased. Thanks for your input everyone.
  9. OK thanks for your input. really appreceie it
  10. Hmm i see. Such a hard choice because all the premium types are similar price range all look equally good so i am gonna spend a lot on a 4 tyres but just have no idea which one to pick. I want the one that is going to last the longest ideally. I am not sure if i should be looking at the statistics and ratings etc becuase the difference is marginal in that aspect i think! Would love to hear specifically prius plus owners and what tyes they choose.
  11. Hmm fair enough about "best". I mean like most reliable and long lasting. I mean surely they all have decenet grip rating and fuel efficency. I dont know if i should take weather into account becuase i live in South London and hardly do that much long driving. Might go to Birmingham and other far cities twice a year. I never really go further than that. I have also heard good things about Goodyear but again some of them are similar to michelin with similar ratings so dunno which to pick. When you say rain performance, what do you mean. How would michelin or Goodyear tyres differ than UNIROYAL in the rain. I mean the car will still drive and break as in when needed so what charateristic has UNIROYAL got that makes them well suited for rain?
  12. Anyone else have any thoughts or can say which tyres they have on thier prius plus/alpha?
  13. Hi Thanks for your input. Yh i heard good things about the Michelin. Bare in mind i live in London so i am never really going to drive in snow. So in that case, would Michelin still be a suitable tyre for my situation. Mainly Dry weather but yh Winter time it does rain. Also, How important is the fuel and wet grip grading sysytem?
  14. HI peeps First time on here to please go easy. I have purchased a 2012 Japanese prius alpha that is now in the garage being converted. I wanted to ask which tyres would be best suited for this vehicle. The ones that are on there a super bold and need to be changed so i want to get some good ones but there are many premium tyres to choose from and i do not know which one is good or not Premium Tyres Bridgestone Potenza Sport (58) Weather Control A005 EVO (22) Blizzak LM005 (44) Weather Control A005 (65) Supercat (14) All Bridgestone tyres Continental EcoContact 6 (46) ContiMaxContact MC6 (19) AllSeasonContact (26) ExtremeContact Sport (12) Premium Contact 6 (87) All Continental tyres Dunlop SP Sport LM 705 (13) SP Touring R1 (18) SP Sport FM800 (36) Sport Maxx 050 Plus (17) SportMaxx RT 2 (78) All Dunlop tyres Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 6 (32) Vector 4Seasons Gen 3 (21) UltraGrip Performance Plus (11) Assurance Triplemax 2 (13) Eagle F1 SuperSport (33) All Goodyear tyres Hankook Ventus Prime 4 (11) Ventus S1 evo 3 (29) Kinergy 4S2 (13) Ventus RS4 (15) Ventus Prime 3 K125 (95) All Hankook tyres Michelin Pilot Sport 5 (15) CrossClimate 2 (37) Pilot Sport All Season 4 (15) Pilot Sport 4 SUV (11) Alpin 6 (21) All Michelin tyres Pirelli P Zero PZ4 (36) Dragon Sport (11) Cinturato P1 Verde (40) Winter Sottozero 3 (36) P Zero Nero GT (35) All Pirelli tyres This is the section which has the best ones. Any advice? Thanks
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