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  1. I have a 2013 Avensis ICON T27 2.0 D-4D, someone has bumped my driver's side rear bumper fog light and broken it, that's the of side, does anyone know what part number I should search for for a replacement and also does the Bears side bumper rear fog work or not? Thanks
  2. It also had a service but I am not sure he even looked at it to be honest. I checked the oil as he said he flushed out the old and put in new but on writing the do such still looks a bit dirty..I just don't trust garages unless you are standing over them. I haven't found one I can really trust. He did stamp the service book though. Where is the oil filter situated so I can see if that had been changed, would you know. Thanks. Dave
  3. Thank you very much, I don't understand why he said he tried to put a bulb in but there must be an issues somewhere in the wiring somewhere as it won't work work and he then says he should have failed the MOT. So clearly he shouldn't be doing Mots then. The off side rear fog, someone has bumped it and cracked the plastic lens, no white light is doing through, just cracked, is it expensive do you think to replace it at I don't like thing broken..
  4. I am very confused. I have a 2013 Avensis ICON T27 2.0 D-4D and I live it. The nearside rear fog light sites not work and they failed the MOT on that alone, but when I took it to my local car part supplier, they said that the nearside is "blanked off" so does this car have one or 2 rear fog lights, I just don't know the drivers side, off side works fine.. but the MOT garage says they don't know yet where the fault lies.. so does this car have only one rear fog light (drivers side, off side) it is the near side that's not working, should work? I was told by the car so that is would only be wired up if it was left hand drive. But he says it's blanked off. Is the MOT centre wrong? I just don't know.. Dave
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