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  1. Hi guys. Sorry to bump up this thread but I found it via Google. I seem to have the exact same problem as the OP. The only difference is, I managed to get the cover off but I can't for the life of me put it back on. I don't know which way I'm supposed to re-attach it. It's a 2001 Yaris btw. Thanks.
  2. Hi all I hear a click when it's switched on but there's no change in temperature. Anyone know what the solution could be? Thanks.
  3. Hi all Can anyone give pics or a vid to show how to remove the brake bulb (from the passenger site)? I can take out the indicator and reverse light bulbs but the brake one seems rather awkward. It's got a black wire attached to the assembly and I don't really want to force anything. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi Madasafish. The pipes turned out to be plastic and overall the cost came to £200 (well, £198 to be exact; I told him to keep the couple of quid). The tank itself was £130 + labour and VAT. It was a new one so I'd rather have that than a second-hand one. You never know when that would have gone if I went for the cheaper option.
  5. Hi all How much will it cost to replace a 2001 Yaris with a new petrol tank? I spoke to the garage guy and he said he'd also have to see if the pipes (re. the petrol flow) were metal or plastic. It would make some difference re. possible price and labour. So do you folks have any rough idea as to whether it'll have plastic or metal piping, as well as the cost of the tank? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi all As the thread title states, when pressing the right-hand side of the steering wheel, there's no sound coming whatsoever. Are there 2 parts to a Yaris car horn ? - the reason I ask is because the left-hand side is working fine. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi, did you get this sorted? as mines started doing this when the air con is on! To be honest, I've just left it. I don't tend to use the AC that much anyway. I'm just thinking, maybe when winter comes, it's gonna sound pretty bad without the AC on (because of the extreme cold). But then again, maybe not. I'll see how it goes.
  8. Hi all Everytime I turn on the AC, that horrible squealing noise comes on. And just recently (after starting the car in the morning), the same thing happens but without the AC on. But whilst I'm driving, the noise seems to go away. Is it a loose fan belt or do I need a new one ? - if it does need tightening, can I do it myself ? - please bear in mind I'm a complete novice. Also, what are the repercussions of driving with a belt that needs looking into ? - is it dangerous ? - will it damage any major parts ? It's a 2001 Yaris CDX btw, and not sure if the belt is original or whether it's been replaced in the past. Thanks in advance :)
  9. Thanks, alfiejts. The thing is, everything's fine a few minutes later; I'm surprised how much effect 24 hrs can do, even when the weather's been pleasant. Also want to add that this seems to be a recent occurrence. Do you think the brakes (or brake pads) could be worn ?
  10. Hi all Is there a reason why the brakes feel really rough when the car's not been driven for about 24 hours ? - it feels as if the auto-braking system comes on, even if the road is absolutely dry. I can understand the auto system coming on when it's icy etc... but not otherwise Is there a problem somewhere ? Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi Is the passenger door lock meant to 'blank' ? - I mean, there's just like a metal plate where you'd normally put your key in (to open the door). I've only noticed this after 4 and half years
  12. Mine takes a few sec's..but define trickle Mine doesn't spurt out like the front but it more than trickles Yep, it's not like the front nozzles where it just shoots out. And when I say 'trickle', I don't mean a few drops; it's more like a leak. Is that normal ?
  13. Thanks, guys. Apparently, I 'whirred' the switch for about 5 seconds, then the water started to trickle down. Is it normal for nothing to happen (for about 5/6 seconds) before the water comes out ?
  14. Hi As the title states, everytime I try to let the water out of the nozzle, nothing comes out. It just makes a whirring sound. The front wipers are fine; the fluid comes out no problem, but it's the back one that I'm having trouble with. Is there a separate section (under the bonnet) to add water/fluid for the back windscreen wiper ? Thanks in advance :)
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