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  1. yesterday morning I had the same error profile not synced message: in the morning it won't let me to input the password as there was some evident big problem elsewhere, but in the evening same message and then it let me to input the password I noticed that also in my system the SHIFT button SEEM to be greyed out and not responsive but insisting to press it many times and switching between numbers letters and so on did the trick. it seems somehow unlocked, I also tryed to keep it pushed for soime second but I don't know if that did something but that key it definitely has a bad responsiveness
  2. Yesterday evening same error but this time it let me to input the password and all seems to be good now
  3. LOL got this message since this morning, doing cancel it show up after 5 minutes every time hit CONTINUE sends to the browser in wich I should enter a password, but the page is blank and it seems there is some http/security error showing so no textbox where I can type it
  4. still no capital letters to enter? afaik you can't reset the password as a capital letter is always required in the toyota account password
  5. have you solved this problem? my shift button works well
  6. the easiest thing would be to let us to TURN OFF this damn user profile management! make a toggle in the settings menu, and then choose the default profile for every day, as our car is driven 95% by only 1 person, and the rest 5% can use our settings most annoyng thing is not that the profile is not loaded, is that annoying message on the screen, as you can set up the guest profile exactly like yours
  7. Simone80

    No spoiler

    Just for fun or for info has anyone found a comparison between the car with or without the rear wing? I mean CX or consumption tests thank you 😄
  8. Hi, few days ago a "silent" update was installed, like I had no prompt to agree terms and conditions like the big ones, but I got only the popup message that something was updating now I have an icon (the first one!) in the squared menu (connected services?), bell slashed icon, wich seems to be something regarding notifications. hitting the icon does nothing anyone else?
  9. don't you think that those "sounds" should be all the same for every car? so a blind person doesn't have to learn all the manufacturers weird sounds? as stated before, pedestrians don't recognize the toyota spaceshift as a car
  10. I also had that message, two times since july when I got the car I think that if your problem is with the email, it would show up every day or so, not only once in a while how often does it show up?
  11. that's it. reasons? 1) pedestrians don't recognize that sound as a car, they don't even move 2) people look you weirdly like you are driving a spaceship or just a bad tuned/pimpmyrided car 3) at night in the common garages/boxes spaces it roumbles/reverberates through the walls, neighbours are not happy 4) I paid for a silent car imho best thing is a LOUDER and RECOGNIZABLE (as a car) system with a switch next to the steering wheel: when I have to use it I would switch it ON and then again OFF when done. when the ICE is ON, it seems that it makes a lower noise for me or.. if I can tear it out of the car, i will use the old good horn when needed
  12. my opinion is that they should gave the owner a setting lets say from 0 to 5 for the AVAS volume
  13. yesterday evening just for info I went in the updates section to look for the exact version installed and it found another update, very big one, about "navigation and speech recognization" this one took over 15min to install but it seems that all went ok
  14. same for me but the 110 error should fixed now with 1021 version sw
  15. Simone80

    My T App

    same on my MY22 it records only few trips, I haven't find a logic as i though that maybe it record it only when start and end location are good to take the gps position, so maybe not recorded if you leave the car in a garage/box instead of an open road
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