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  1. It can't be as good as the Honda rear seats, single action full folding!
  2. Only the 2.0, the 2.2 TDCi is very good. We looked at a Volvo V70 D5, low mileage but at the top end of our price range, definitely the best choice for us as it would likely last forever - but it didn't feel right, me and the wife sat in it, drove it and we both looked at each other with a frown, it wasn't particularly bland just didn't 'wow' us at all. We also looked at Germans, wife hated BMW from the start, Mercs have expensive dealers and I don't like the image of them, wife liked the A4 Avant but I thought it was awfully cramped inside - I wouldn't want to drive it for long. Well, we ended up buying an Accord Tourer 2.2i-CTDi EX with SatNav and HFT. just under 90k but absolutely mint service history from Honda including all the tick sheets and everything! It's had the timing chain changed and the clutch in the last year - servicing garage told me the DMF was fine when they did the clutch, best of all it has the clicky clutch which is a common problem (my old 03 petrol had it), so best guess is they had the clutch changed trying to fix it (as I did on my old one!) not knowing it just needs greasing, the new clutch fixes it for about 6 months, so now it's returned they obviously px'd it for something else - which means that was probably the only problem with it! It was £1k less than most others we looked at, got a good px deal, just needs a new front tyre and MOT in October, plus it's got the usual stonechips and scratched spoiler which I'll try to fix. Very happy anyway, hopefully it'll last me a good few years then I'll see what the latest models of everything are and go through all this again! :D
  3. Well Neil Pinkett of Bathcars just sent me a pretty rude sounding email in response to an inquiry about an Avensis he has, so I won't be going there I don't think. I'd suggest nobody else does either.
  4. Never thought about a Mazda TBH, never really fancied one though. I'm not fussed about handling or performance really, but I do like the way diesels drive. My usage is easily more suited to a petrol, I just prefer diesels, that's kind of my issue cos I'll be mistreating it in the form of not getting it hot enough, and I don't want expensive repairs. I don't mind taking it to Honda/Toyota for servicing if that's what it needs I just don't want a £1500 bill looming over me. I'm 3 miles from work, for personal medical reasons my wife won't walk/cycle her 1 mile to work so I usually end up dropping her off then going to work myself. I'm looking at getting a motorbike for commuting though and she's said she'll try to walk it more often, but basically I'm likely to be doing two 3 mile journeys 2 or 3 days a week. Then taking it out at weekends for long motorway runs of about an hour or 2. Yes Yes I know that's rubbish for ANY engine and a diesel is a ridiculous idea. I just love them.
  5. Hi Guys, I must have registered on here ages ago when I had the Supra/Yaris, and forgotten about you all. Sorry about that. Anyway I'm back now looking for some advice. We want to get rid of our 22mpg Mitsubishi Delica and get an estate that's a bit more economical and much nicer generally - looking for top spec cars really. Initially we looked at the Honda Accord i-CTDi Gen7 (03-08), but we've been warned off by the owners club due to them being HUGELY expensive to repair if they go wrong, and they DO go wrong. Things like clutches and DMFs, drive shafts, VSA modules, manifolds, basically if you own one you need £1500 stored somewhere 'just in case'!! We looked at the 2.0 iVTEC as an alternative but can't find a good EX with SatNav in tourer style. :( This is still top of our list at the moment though. So now I've started looking at Ford Mondeo ST-TDCi. My mate at work has the saloon version and loves it, it's very nice, but obviously one happy owner is no sign of reliability - so I'll be researching on that one soon. Now we come to you lot. The Avensis 2.2 D-4D. I've just read some scary threads about head gaskets. Is that the only thing to worry about? If I get one under 100k and 6 years old will I be safe for a while? Should I find one that's had it previously or try to find one that specifically hasn't? I'll be looking at a T-Spirit, are there any other gremlins to look out for? Should I think about a petrol model instead?
  6. Yeah, thread here: http://www.mkivsupra.net/vbb/showthread.php?t=117064 34 years old with wife and 2 young Children. :(
  7. Seen on mkivsupra.net, might be a MKIII or something though: http://new.edp24.co.uk/content/news/story....3A47%3A44%3A193 "A 34-year-old man was killed on the A11 road at Besthorpe on Thursday night when his black Toyota Supra veered out of control for no apparent reason while travelling in the outside lane towards Norwich. The vehicle crossed the inside lane and onto the grass embankment before colliding with a large directional sign. A male passenger, travelling in the car, suffered some bruising and shock."
  8. And tell them you can get a Mobil1 oil change and filter at kwik-fit for £26.
  9. I did say apart from drifting in rallying etc. (although re-reading what I put it doesn't say what I meant it to at all!! ). Was talking more about the heel and toe than anything else, like I said earlier I'd hope people reading this don't go out and try left foot braking on main roads!! I'd hope they don't try heel and toe either TBH unless it's a safe area with no traffic about.
  10. Are you sure you should be braking at all round a roundabout? You can't have been going that fast otherwise you'd have got nasty oversteer when you got on the power again! To go quick round corners you MUST keep the power on (although in FWD not so much as you understeer, keep it just below the point of tyre squeal {unlike those knobs on top gear}, and in RWD not so much as you get oversteer), you should be braking before the corner and back on the throttle before turning in. Left foot braking and heel and toe are ways of (apart from drifting in rally etc) braking much faster at the end of a straight, it's nothing to do with cornering.
  11. Also can be dangerous for people who just decide to 'give it a go' whilst driving, can cause harder braking than required etc. Got quite worried when left foot braking was mentioned earlier, why the hell would you even consider needing to do that on public roads!!! You'll never need to be going anywhere near that fast (I'd hope). It's that old saying: "Everyone's tried left foot braking.......... everyone's almost smashed their head on the windscreen too!".
  12. TBH I never even considered doing it in the Yaris, because as mentioned there's not enough power to need it. Bikers do it a lot because the engine braking is so harsh on sportsbikes. I used to do it ALL the time in the Supra, not only was the engine braking a bit strong, and H&T made it a lot smoother when braking, it also sounded cool so I did it even when not trying to go particularly fast. :P
  13. Mate at work bought a Vectra SRi, took it in with a fault after about 3 months and they phoned him up and said the onboard computer has recorded a maximum engine rpm of over 6500, which is outside the running in spec, and they can't honour the warranty!!!!!!!
  14. That'd be good. Ask them just how good the onboard error code system is as well, as that's all I get from Mr T down here - they must think the codes are god or something!! I KNOW WHEN MY CAR ISN'T RIGHT why don't they just forget the codes and drive the thing!!!
  15. So that'll be the clutch issue. We thinking my problem is more related to power loss on high load situations, pointing to plugs or something similar?
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