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  1. Whenever I listen to the radio, sound comes only from the left front speaker (driver side-US standards). However, when I use AUX and I play songs through my phone, sound comes only from the front right speaker (passenger side-US standards). Is this how it is or is there something wrong? I have no idea how to make it so both speakers play sound. Here is a pic: https://imgur.com/a/er498jC Red arrow = Radio sound, Blue arrow = Phone AUX sound
  2. Ahm I tried blipping the throttle but doesn't do much. Double clutching works though so I might start using this technique.
  3. I am pretty sure it's a safe mechanism too. Many cars have it. Well I can always stay in 1st if I am taking off, but in situations where I am already moving and then I have slow down to 3-10mph, it gets tricky. Car won't let me shift to 1st, and moving in 2nd at 3-10mph is a pain at times, I need to rev high (2k or so) and slip the clutch a lot. So you are saying revving the Aygo in specific is not that bad for it? Is it 'made' to rev higher compared to other vehicles? I just don't want to prematurely wear the clutch. @flash22 As for your question, not sure honestly. I bought the car (used) not so long ago. Unsure if fluid has been changed recently, same as clutch cable etc.
  4. What do you do in a situation I described above then? Say you are moving very slowly (5-15km/3-10mph). If you try to shift to 1st it can't happen unless you double clutch or fully stop. Then if you stay in 2nd car simply won't accelerate and needs a lot of slipping/higher revs than usual. What do you do? I thought not being able to shift to 1st whilst in motion was a car issue, but I realized it's just how the car is. Does Aygo generally need higher revs compared to other cars? I am still fairly new driving it, and it does feel it has no torque at all.
  5. The 2nd gear in Aygo (2006) is really giving me headaches. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong, but accelerating/moving at 5-15km (3-10mph) in 2nd gear feels like pain. Often I have to crawl in traffic, or accelerate again from very low speeds (say 5mph). I can't switch to 1st because car won't let me unless I double clutch or come to a full stop. Then if I stay in 2nd I have to slip the hell out of the clutch, and I feel like giving it more revs than usual only helps (more than 1.5-1.8k). If I don't give it a lot of revs it's lugging and might even stall (which frankly I hate doing because I feel like it overheats the clutch, so I am almost always on the verge of stalling). Do you guys also have an issue with 2nd gear? Is it particularly tall? Taller than in other vehicles? I really don't know if it's a me issue. In comparison, I don't have that problem with VW Polo 2007. Any advices?
  6. I purchased an OBD2 Hud Up Display for my Aygo (2006). Great reviews overall. Manufacturer claims it uses 400mA when in use, and, what I care about; 0.3mAh when in Sleep Mode. It goes in Sleep Mode when ignition is off. Now I know 0.3 is almost nothing, but I have a hard time believing it's THAT low. Not exactly saying manufacturer is not being honest but, 0.3mAh? I also contacted them and they told me it's better to unplug it if I DON'T drive the vehicle for 1 week+. So if it's indeed 0.3mAh, why would they advise me to unplug it after a week when in theory it would take months, or years to completely drain a car battery at 0.3mAh? What is your experience with OBD2 devices? Should I be worried to leave the device plugged in? I mean I can always test it and have a nice jump start the next day, but I don't really fancy that lol. Plus I don't think it's good for the battery itself.
  7. So about 6 or so months ago I bought a used 2006 Aygo. I love how cheap it is to run, very small city car, durable engine (from what I have read) and what not. Loving it overall. But does anyone feel that it needs more throttle compared to other cars in order to move? Especially when it comes to hill starts, or moving in 2nd gear on an incline at low speeds. It struggles a lot and I should slam (well not really slam but you get me) the throttle to move. It also doesn't help that I don't have a tachometer. So I don't know how many RPMs I give when taking off, however they do sound quite a lot. Maybe they sound a lot because it's not very sound proof as some people have claimed? I don't know. Do you guys have similar experiences with your Aygos? I am very tempted to install a tachometer. I start obsessing over it and I am afraid I over-rev the engine and wear it prematurely, or the clutch itself.
  8. Hi, I own an Aygo 2006 and I plan on buying a tachometer since my car does not have one. My question is, do Aygo models have a plug/connector for it? Which I can just plug to the tachometer and be done with? Or is that not a thing for all models?
  9. Appreciate the response, but it does not quite answer my question, perhaps I didn't explain it properly. I am asking for the max speed in each gear (max speed = redline). For example, let's say in 1st the max speed you can reach is 30mph @6,000 RPM (Toyota Aygo specs say max RPM is 6,000). So at @3,000 RPM you sit at 15mph in 1st gear. Etc..
  10. Hello, I don't have a revcounter in my Aygo (2007) and I can't find the information on the internet! I was wondering what would be the maximum speeds in each gear? Does anyone please have a list? Thank you.
  11. It is pretty much the same when the engine off. I am not sure if I am exaggerating, but I compare the gearstick to my VW Polo, and it's not as smooth. Especially the minor resistance before I shift into a different gear. It's like something is blocking it for a split of a second before it slides into gear. And it's not always notchy, sometimes it slides perfectly into place. I am attaching a video, engine was on as you can hear, and you can also hear the sounds gearstick makes when I change gears, plus the resistance. 10092022.mp4
  12. New Toyota driver here. So far all those years I have been driving a VW Polo 2008 5 door. Recently got a used Aygo 2006 3-door 68hp too. And man, the gearstick feels a LOT different than the Polo. The 'feel' is not as good, and the gearstick is fairly stiff, notchy, however you wanna call it. As an example, almost always when I switch gears it feels like it gets 'stuck' midway, like something is 'blocking' it. It's not a smooth transition. And it feels like it needs an extra push from my side, rather than 'sliding' into place itself. Often I am afraid I will break something. Is this normal for Toyotas overall, or Aygos specifically? Should I have it checked? This is the first time I drive a Toyota in my life.
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