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  1. Gee whizz, what car are a bit behind the times, Graham Smith was on the ark with Noah! Miguel Fonseca has been in charge since 2007 You should make contact with: customer.relations@tgb.toyota.co.uk Despite what people think, sending an email to the MD will not speed up the process for you, it will be sent on to Customer Relations first Kingo Hey Kingo.. That reply you quoted was from FIVE years ago ;)
  2. Not good news. Do all the lights work when you lift the flap up for the vanity mirrors? After you've replaced the fuse that is.. I'm supecting a dodgy wire on the back of one of them.
  3. You have a blown fuse.. the fact that the interior lights don't work signifies this (also the the clock will keep resetting as will the avg mph, time etc). Recheck the fuses.. it will be one of the 7.5 amp fuses that has blown ;) If it keeps blowing then there is a problem with either the interior lights or the vanity lights in the sun visors.
  4. All the 2.2 d-4d's are chain drive. If your 2006 is a 2.0 d-4d and has the indicators in the mirrors then it is also chain diven.. if not, it will be belt driven. That's as far as i know when I researched before getting mine.. which was registered the end of June 2006 and is chain driven.
  5. I think you may have a bad earth somewhere so maybe that would be good place to start. The dome fuse that keeps blowing.. what does it protect? cus it is most likely a bad earth or live in the circuit it protects.
  6. Sounds to me more like the CV joint is worn. When does the knocking noise sound worse? I'm betting it will be louder when turning..
  7. Add to this supermarket fuel I noticed with my previous avensis 2.0 D-4D that it would smoke if I used supermarket fuel but not with Shell.. so that told me not to use it again
  8. It goes above it.. When you take the cover off you should see 2 foam covered lugs. You have to pull the bigger one out first and then pull the second one down by it's lug and then it will come out. Have a look at the link below.. it will show you what i mean (scroll down to the bottom of the page ;) ) http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=56646
  9. I also have a '06 T3-x and is a great car. Mine is the 2.0l D4-D, has Traction Control, Vehicle Stability Control and of course ABS. It also has a 6 speed gearbox to keep the revs down at higher speeds.. 80mph = 2100 rpm. The onboard computer is abit short of what I get mpg wise. According to the computer I only 47.6mpg whereas when I worked it out properly I actually got 51.4mpg. Car tax for mine is at present is £120 going up to £125 in April whereas the 2.2l D4-D '06 is £145 at the moment going upto £150 in April. I checked all this out before getting mine :D I agree with the previous post about the autowipers.. they are abit of a pain but I can live with that. I would say it really depends on what age car your looking at and if you want petrol or diesel. There's plenty of info on the internet about these cars so the choice is yours.
  10. Looks like you may have a problem with your seat belt pre-tensioners.. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/4/20090128/tuk-to...uk-dba1618.html
  11. Steve, do you know where your local DVLA office is? If not, it will be listed HERE. Maybe worth a visit if it ain't to far from you and see if they can help.
  12. Raining Had the snow yesterday... but that's all gone now....
  13. Easier way would be to use Norton Ghost and clone it.... None of this reinstalling everything and you won't lose anything either. Once complete, unplug your old drive and let it boot from the Sata drive. If your happy that everything is ok, then you do what you want with the old drive.
  14. Have a look at THIS page.... scroll down to the bottom and there's a nice box with the possible malfunctions in it It looks like there could be one of 7 things to check
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