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  1. to philip42h, it reads as a well thought, saine answer. and you are right, it's my money. however, I love rav-4, so if I buy an other car it would be a RAV-4 again. I think I can interchange the new parts... that is where Hybrid21 comes in..... he's right also, I guess. but do you two drive RAV-4?? and howmany miles are you at??
  2. hallo, or hello, I'll do it in english, but I am Dutch. I drive a RAV_4 IVV. it currently has 271.400 kilometrs on it, I have no problems, other then that sometimes the gearbox rattles when I shift,but that can also be me, clutching to fast. now, I want to put a pull and side bars on it, and exchange the audioset fotr a modern one.... my question, is the car worth that, it is a 800 euro investement, so, how many kilometers are left, can it reach 350000 or 400000km?? hope for quick and good answers. thanx for reading it. Peter
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