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  1. Thank you everyone! I do have one final question. Prius 30 vs Auris: Which have better seats? Thanks
  2. Yea the low profile tires. The Prius Touring while not as bad as my Fit had a rough ride due to the 17inch wheels. It's ok. Here both the Hybrid and G Hybrid trims have the same ride height. Not sure what else is different other then wheels though. Japan spec a bit different I guess. Thanks friend. Really want a quieter ride God willing.
  3. I am debating between a Prius 30 and an Auris Hybrid. I can't really test drive these cars. (I don't want to explain 😢) I have test drove both a late model Prius and a early model Prius touring. Prius was very comfortable. It's cute I liked it. however the car had frame damage. So I had to pass on it. I asked the dealer to find me another one. However while doing research I found the Auris Hybrid. I didn't ride it, but did some reading. Why I am interested: It seems more like a driver centered car. The interior seems less oppressive and more comfortable. Handling seems better(many twisty roads here). My only worry is if the dealer finds me a car with 17 inch wheels the ride comfort will be bad. Lately my hobby is just to drive anywhere and I want a comfortable and somewhat interesting ride to do that. Does anyone have any advice they could offer? Currently riding a 2nd gen Fit. The suspension it pretty hard and the road noise is horrendous. Apparently the 13G models have little to no sound insulation. Thanks
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