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  1. even now the airbags do not work as i have replaced the drver's seat with an OMP bucket....so i want to replace now the steering wheel with an other
  2. I am trying to change the steering wheel of my TS (one airbag less ) but i cannot find a hub for this car......has anyone any good idea?
  3. The majority of the Toyota garages' in Athens are very busy This may occur for 2 reasons 1) there are a lot of toyotas in Athens ans many of them are taxi's 2) Toyotas are have frequent malfunctions :P :P :P
  4. merry christamas and happy holidays for everyone in the forum happy nameday to chris peterson kales giortes kai xronia polla paidia
  5. i cannot take part in it because on Saturday i have to go to "bouzoukia" :P :P
  6. kala eimaste polloi e my father's CTS had limited noise problems which we eliminated alone......although we have tougher shoch absorbers and springs there are no noises as for the engine noise we have used to it as my father and I had many cars with induction kits exhausts etc. the service is not the best because i believe that there are many malfunctions in new corollas and as i have noticed there are a lot of cars in garages.... CTS03 the spoiler is an extra and probably was installed when the car arrivded in Greece thats why it had those tapes......i know even worste incidents so be happy :o after all i believe that CTS is an honest GT......it does not ask much but it does not do that much its fast but not for street racing it has good and safe handling but not like a peugeot or a ford
  7. toyota says about 1210kg but a friend saw a 1.4lt sedan which weighted 1340 kg measured on a special machine
  8. In the web site it says that there is already a ECU for the CTS but i am worrying because it gives 180 bhp as stanadard power of the CTS
  9. could you give the site of the company?
  10. i think that celica and corolla have not the same ECU... many tuners now use additional ECU if they cannot remape the standard. what is the exchage rate of the AUD?
  11. Is remapping available???????????? i am curious to see if this Vtec valve controller works in CTS B)
  12. about the weight Toyota gives 1200+ kg but a friend saw over 1300kg for a sedan 1.4 i dont know if the sedan is so much heavier than the hatchback
  13. these are different sparks plugs than those the car has but they are abetter from the original although both are denso iridium.....as i have heard original denso iridiums are designed for lasting more but IK 20 are manufactured for better perfomance.....we have installed them in our TS
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