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  1. I replaced the pcv valve and smoke is no longer coming out of the vent filter, still out of the exhaust especially when throttled. smoke is also coming out of the oil dipstick hole when you open it up/remove the dipstick. The coolant (water) was bubbling but it may have been from the cars natural shake. I opened the radiator cap and boilng hot water splashed everywhere. I think youre right and it may be a blown headgasket. how hard will it be to fix?
  2. I checked the PCV line, and its not blocked. Upon start up it is smoking out of the filter pictured above.
  3. Hi all. It has a hks bov, the boost was turned down to 10psi so maybe not the boost?. I havent done any tests yet, and the smoke was white, mainly coming out of the exhaust but also coming out of the bonnet scoop sporadically. This may be obvious, but when I take the oil cap off, oil stops bubbling out of the crankcase filter. could this be soley because its not on properly?. So if this seems like a run around, im not well versed in cars.
  4. Hey all, I drive a 1996 Toyota Glanza V. its done up and has the likes of a link ecu in it, a td06 turbo, 1000cc bosh injectors, the whole nineyards. after boosting around with my mate we noticed that smoke was coming out of the exhaust when under load. Pull home and we see that the crankcase filter that sits on top of the engine block was drenched in oil and had leaked oil all over the engine, upon further inspection it appears to have came loose and as such, oil has leaked through the filter, leaking everywhere. I dont know why this has happened but I speculate that something is wrong with the pcv valve or piping. however I am not sure this is the problem and if anyone can help that would be much appreciated. cheers, christian. for your time glanzaa.mp4
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