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  1. Bob I've seen prices going down locally and outside my area. I really think car drivers have had enough of these constant rise and fall in prices. Someone dId mention that prices will go up again but he was talking about markets and ones that make the oil ,but a bit above my head to be honest. Hope it doesn't.
  2. I always go by what is on the door post. I thought that was what it was there for.
  3. I've noticed my vision isn't as good as it was and have recently started to wear glasses for driving. I first noticed road sign's wasn't as clear as they used to be. Starting to noticed some problems with small print .
  4. Everything needs fixing I am concerned about what things will be like when my kids are older. I can't protect them all the time.
  5. So is this the same as people that clean the engine bays with water. I caused damage when I did this a while ago
  6. Bob, as the cars still under warranty I don't have to worry to much and don't really have the time to do it anymore. Work and kids take up my time now.
  7. Never been in any really deep water puddles but it's made me think how deep can you go without problems.
  8. Bob, I used to do all my own servicing which I leant from my dad. He had a pit in the garage so we could work underneath. When an MOT was due he would spend hours working under the car . He never had one fail so must have been doing something right. I don't do much now as Rav 4 is still under warranty. Used to love it when I was younger.
  9. Bob, I don't use local supermarket petrol stations but I saw you mentioned them marking up prices. As a family we are getting concerned how much money a week our shopping bill has gone up. These rises in gas and electric and food are really hitting us now.
  10. I do get a small bit but thought it was just general dirt and the boys shoes when getting in and out the back. Will have to watch this now.
  11. Cyclist pulled straight out in front of me yesterday I don't know how I missed him. He just laughed and went on. Luky I had the boys on board as I an not sure I would have left it
  12. Bob, I haven't got ramps so rely when I have a service thats all OK. My dealer doesn't do video but I will ask next time.
  13. I'm surprised anyone can afford fireworks these days. The displays are cancelled in our area. Probably cost or environment issues no doubt.
  14. Funny my boys seem to know more about our cars tech then I do. I would like less myself as I do get fed up keep looking at the owners manual. Sat navs gone wrong a few times and had a problem with the camera.
  15. I had a similar situation a few years ago and despite giving the garage more time to sort the problem out they made excuses after excuses. I got the car picked up and sent to another garage and they sorted it in a few hours. It cost a bit more money but in the long term it was worth it.
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