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  1. Yes thanks Flash . Replacement engine is definitely a minefield and a lot of shady offers out there . Ironically a replacement engine for a generation 3 Prius is cheaper and more plentiful ( I am told because Japan made their emissions laws stricter and a Gen 3 Prius was no longer compliant so lots of comparatively low mileage engines were stripped out and shipped to the UK ). I am told a Gen 3 engine replacement is also easier as it can be done without removing the gear box. I am now getting a number of quotes from far and wide for the Timing chain replacement and will come back if I go down this route. Theres definitely a reluctance from some garages / mechanics to work on Hybrids.
  2. Thanks all I think that's the dilemma . There are firms who specialize in complete engine swap outs with reconditioned engines that would include a brand new timing chain for not that much more than the cost of replacing the timing chain alone. the car is running well and has generally been looked after well ( apart from the timing chain) then one option is just to run it until the Timing chain starts to really impact the engine and then just swap everything out. The other option as people have said is to try to do it as a DIY job buying the replacement chain , sprockets , tensioner etc for approx £120 . ( The third option is to pay a garage to do the job and hope the car goes for a few more years This is a great forum and I really appreciate the advise that everyone has taken the time to give.
  3. Thanks very much i had contacted one of the garages in the list already and they did quote +£1000 for a timing chain change although to be fair to them they had not seen the car and this was over the phone. I will try the other garage. I can get a reconditioned engine with new timing chain fitted for approx £1200 ( though sure this will introduce other problems ) and this is the baseline I am using to judge ( If I am paying close to or over £1000 then I may as well put a new ( reconditioned ) engine in . The car does drive perfectly and has for quite a while with the engine light on but know it is probably only a matter of time before it stretches too far and I damage the engine permanently..
  4. Thanks for the replies . I am based in Bromley South east London . I have phoned a number of local garages and either they are not able to do it or quoting crazy prices. I did approach a Toyota main dealer a while back and they told me to do it they would have to lift the entire engine out ( I know this is not the case as there is a partial video on YouTube of someone in the states replacing his ( Below) and although i am reasonably competent I don't have the confidence to try it myself. Would be great to find a UK / London based garage /mechanic who has done this successfully and has a reasonable charge. I think as you say a lot of mechanics are uncertain when it comes to Hybrids , also it appears that after gen 2 its either much easier to get to the timing chain or less likely to stretch. I have even called a number of garages who advertise themselves as timing chain specialists but as soon as you say Prius they say they cant help.
  5. Hello first time post . I have a 2007 Prius T Spirit 1.5 with 203K miles on the clock . It’s a great workhorse and has been very reliable. for a while now I have had a P0016 error code ( camshaft sensor) I have replaced both the sensors and believe that this is almost certainly a stretched timing chain / tensioner wear . Question is I am struggling to find anyone in London who knows how to replace the timing chain / tensioner and sprockets. The kits are available on line with all the parts for a reasonable price although I know the labour is going to be the major part of this exercise. The only people I have found are suggesting swapping out the whole engine which seems a bit overkill when only the timing chain needs changing. The car is stil driving well although possibly an occasional rattle from the chain. Any suggestions or is it really a case that eco omicaly it is better to swap the whole engine out just for a worn tensioner and chain?
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