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  1. Yeh headlights seem to be working fine, i opened up some of the corrugated tubes in the area to find the dark green wire but could not find the other end of it. I think i need to spend an extended period of time and open up all the corrugated tubes to see if i can find it. Do you know how to turn on the 3 circular led's in the headlight? they are the only things that didn't turn on when i was checking it yesterday but i don't have an error on the dash to say there is a fault with them
  2. Yep thats correct, i managed to connect all that up and get the headlight working but there is a lingering single dark green wire which I can’t for the life of me work out where it goes!
  3. The location is on the driver side the thickest loom that comes down. all the wires from this split and go into the headlight and everything seems to work (except for the 3 little circular LEDs in the headlight on either side but i'm not getting a fault on the dash and not sure how to work these). all beams work and DRL seems to work 😕 i'm not sure if this wire is important for the other issues i have on the car or just a red herring and i can leave it. i opened up some of the other looms but can't find the other end of this wire annoyingly!
  4. So its a big wiring loom and wires come out of it for the headlight, washer bottle and various other bits. In the part where everything is coming out for the headlight there is a dark green wire which i can't for this life of me figure out where it is going! i ordered techsteam so going to try to run some detailed codes thank you for the low brake power guidance i'll have to look into that. Hoping techstream tells me more finger crossed!
  5. Thanks guys, has anyone been able to reset the PKSB sensors using techstream (apparently it can be done in the ECU menu) instead of paying toyota £120 or so.
  6. Welcome to Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Why not introduce yourself in the New Members section.

  7. Hi, I am in dying need of some help. I'm repairing my Corolla Hybrid Estate e210 (was hit on the front driver side corner). I've replaced headlight, washer bottle and parking sensors including loom, however, I still have ABS fault (brakes feel stiff), PKSB fault and pre collision fault on the dash. Some of the wiring was damaged going into the headlight and although I have everything working there is one green wire which i have no idea where it goes! My question: 1) I have heard I can reset PKSB on techstream by going into ECU reprogramming - anyone have any idea how to do this? 2) Are there any repair manuals available for this car ideally a wiring diagram (i can't find anything online) Thanks in advance
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