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  1. Well I went to the dealers this afternoon and it looks like user error🤭 it seems I was switching it off and on again. Once you have switched it on if it is cancelled by the cancel button or use of the break you just press set again. I cannot believe it as I thought I had tried all combinations. Hopefully it was user error and I can continue to enjoy the car which the dog likes very much as well!
  2. Thanks yes speed limiter is one of the places I end up. Below shows it working as I expect. Trouble is at some point I seem to get out of this mode and then cannot get back there until I've restarted the car.
  3. Thanks for the reply I thought that might be the case
  4. In my last car I liked to have a USB stick with music on for when I got fed up with the radio. Its a shame there is only one USB connection has anyone tried connecting a USB stick and phone for car play at the same time? Cheers John
  5. Thanks for the replies looks like no one is experiencing what I am. When its working its brilliant. If set at say 27mph then hit the plus in a 30 limit it goes to 30 then I can adjust it up and down +5 mph. However sometimes I lose the digits that show you what it is set at and they wont come back if you cancel etc If I turn the engine off its working again. Sometimes I get digits up that seem to be a speed limiter so the car doesn't move to the setting. I'm going to take it to the salesman next week just in case it is user error. Apart from this niggle very pleased with the car.
  6. Welcome to Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Why not introduce yourself in the New Members section.

  7. Just got a year and a half old Toyota Corolla Excel Hybrid and I love the cruise control but it seems to stop working after a while. So I press the cruise control button then set it and adjust the speed all good. Then after a while on a journey it seems to get in a state where I cannot set the speed very annoying. If I stop the car it then works again is this user error or a fault? Cheers John
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