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  1. yes but they offer a lot of customisations and benefits - anyway it was jsut me not looking at menus enough! you were right - forward set for 10secs after - disabled and all good so thanks for all your help you are a star
  2. i havent actually driven it today - will in the morning its plugged into the back of the head unit with the cable the head unit came with rca to white plug in back of head unit with two fly leads that are chopped off for some reason its launching the FCAM app - i know where to change this but that is the only choice i suspect i am missing the correct rear camera app
  3. scrap that - now works!!!! thanks for helping me used wrong side of brown wire! only oddity left is that when you take it out of reverse - it leaves the application open and doesnt close it
  4. hi again just found some time to test - unfortunately it didnt work - no change must be something so simple i am missing - as i know camera works - i can use an app when in reverse and its fine
  5. thanks will try to be clear - cut wire 3 so the connection is broken to the plug - (not join pink (back) cable to it) and join pink cable to it and to power of little black box as i have ?
  6. everything you said is correct - connections its one of those TS10 android units i really thought canbus handled this - ill check manual again - i have done cameras before but this is proving awkward JUSTNAVI Universal TS10 manual radio (no additional purchase required)| | - AliExpress About how to connect the rear view camera,there has 3 type method : 1 . If your machine does not have canbus, how to connect the rear view camera https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/H724aaf72b3394e78ace6b1fea1f4f6f3n.jpg 2. If your machine has a canbus, how to connect the rear view camera: https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/H586e1a6d442641cfbafa3a710ba62a8aa.jpg 3. If you connect the original rear view camera: https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/H4dcd4f10a48a4e66b43374c6146c0993q.jpg
  7. what specifically would help - picture wise?
  8. i have a back cable coming from canbus connection - not sure where reverse wire on head unit is ? ta
  9. hi yes it does get around 13v when in reverse and weirdly if i plug the RCA lead into anything other than cable that goes into head unit it works if i use an app to view camera and if its in reverse! so left green circle is back cable - which as power when reverse is engaged right circle is ground - but doesn't seem to make a difference if plugged in or not this is RCA to RCA plug into head unit - in this pic - that doesnt work hope that makes sense
  10. when you say tap the reverse cable - you mean for positive power for camera to the junction box pins? where does "back" cable go from canbus box - in with it?
  11. so i have canbus adaptor installed on android head unit - in a toyota chr it has the harness for the camera (28 pin with rca lead) do i jsut need to connect up the "back"cable from canbus?
  12. Welcome to Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Why not introduce yourself in the New Members section.

  13. hi all looking for some help! fitted new head unit with canbus adaptor (raise) all works great - info on screen such as hyrbid charging etc/climate/doors/all controls etc but cant get original rear camera working - was told that canbus takes care of it - have the RCA lead connected do i have to connect up the "back" (reverse) cable from the canbus adaptor to the power of the camera? the install pic is attached ! any help appreciated thanks
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