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  1. So , nearly a month in and it’s been pretty decent! minor niggles are the previously mentioned lack of illumination on various buttons and switches, also no rest area for clutch foot. DAB isn’t as strong a signal as in the Civic (maybe the rather old fashioned roof aerials fault?) otherwise , comfortable and reliable transport:-)
  2. The cable whilst not an official apple one is brand new and worked outwith the car. Think what posters are saying regarding low power output seems the case ? will just use my retro cigarette lighter to iPhone cable i guess:-)
  3. Ok , with a bit of Googling I found an old thread on here lol. so basically the car customisation screen which is blank , you press on the title at top (I presumed this was just a title and not actually interactive!) and you get the option amongst others to change the light duration interval. This has set to zero , presumably with me faffing about with the online remote option? anyhow working now ! mark.
  4. Update, had a try again whilst car in car park and the charging symbol appears on the phone , but off and on ? Like flicking a switch back and forth steadily. never stayed long enough to see if charging tho n
  5. So driving to work this morning I thought I would charge my iPhone via the usb socket in the car. Unfortunately nothing happens , no reaction? Checked cable once inside at work and it is functioning. is the usb socket not for charging? Is it literally just for usb sticks , iPod playback etc ? i have a cigarette lighter to iPhone lightning cable from my old 2005 polo , but it’s a cumbersome beast in comparison! mark.
  6. So , the interior courtesy light feature that comes on when opening a door and unlocking the car has stopped working on my 2016 Yaris and i think I may be responsible?! have added the myT app to my phone and also registered with Toyota online. looked at the vehicle settings section on the website dashboard and didn’t change anything but pressed save and send. I noticed the interior lights off feature was at zero ?? (Supposed to be 15sec?) So redid to 15sec and thought nothing more of it. now it will not come on automatically when opening doors or unlocking car… manual in off works and all bulbs are functioning, what have i done ?? Mark.
  7. It’s just the 1.3 petrol. Unsure re consumption as only put petrol in on Friday for the first time 🙂 I usually fill the tank and see what i get to about the reserve light ( very scientific lol)
  8. So first time using cruise control on this (or any car tbh) much more comfortable on the long-ish work commute! Bit fumbly without illumination but got it.
  9. This is my first car with keyless start so a electric handbrake would have been too much for me 😂
  10. Cheers ! Yes i think it has a comfort/convenience pack or something similar? Reliability was our main focus , so anything else is a bonus i guess !
  11. Sorry it’s a manual with the petrol engine. shame re the missing features as they are handy imo (have them on our 16 civic) , but hey ho! Main thing is reliability.
  12. Welcome to Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Why not introduce yourself in the New Members section.

  13. So after our old runaround 2005 polo's rear suspension collapsed.. we purchased a 2016 yaris design in red/black from Cazoo* Couple of questions , does not appear to have hill hold or stop/start (assumed standard by 2016) steering wheel buttons are not illuminated , only drivers electric window switch lights up (faintly!) and when indicating you cant soft press to get 3 flashes for quick indications ? minor quibbles of course ! otherwise a nice car , pretty sharp looking in red with the black roof too ! * This style of purchasing was new to me but almost went without a hitch. Hitch being person on phone said car would have a fresh Mot as only had 4 months remaining. Day before delivery i remembered to check and of course .. " sorry its only if its 3 months or less".. Tbf i politely complained and they agreed to refund £50 for me to Mot it. If it needs anything they will reimburse also. Thank goodness for companies recording calls and making transcripts eh ?! Mark.
  14. hi , new (to me) 2016 yaris owner signing up ! Cheers , mark.
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