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  1. For anyone that would like to know which parts...
  2. If you have a MY21 car and would like an OE spare then you may be able to get your dealer to order all of the required parts from the same spec MY22 car. It worked for me, thanks to an exceptionally helpful and competent parts guy, and I now have an OE spare. Of course, aftermarket options are also available and will certainly do exactly the same job if you are ever unfortunate enough to need it.
  3. That's interesting. Thank you. I guess the EPA tests could have been on the engine as used in an ICE only application. It does look like the engine as used in HV applications is slightly different so I am happy to stand corrected. 🙇‍♂️ Every day is a school day.
  4. I have never seen 41% other than in this thread but I have often seen it rounded up to 40% without the "almost" qualifier. I would not put it past people to exaggerate just a little more. After all, what's 1% between friends. 🙂 If I'm being picky it's not really an Atkinson-cycle either. It is only a simulated Atkinson through VVT and is actually closer to a Miller-cycle. Still, the important bit is that it is remarkably efficient for an ICE.
  5. RAV4s, and Toyotas in general I think, do not run with a large caster angle so could easily have less "self centring" effect than you may be used to in other cars. That said, make sure that LTA is off first.
  6. If the old was the 4.4 and the new is 4.5 then they are not the same body shape and size, height and length. https://www.carsized.com/en/cars/compare/toyota-rav4-2012-suv-swb-vs-toyota-rav4-2019-suv-swb/ ... but it is very close in size if you look only at the numbers. I would not rely on the projected range from the display. That will vary greatly depending on the journey, your driving style on the day and the load, especially things on the roof that increase drag. Still... the only way to find out...
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