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  1. That will be the distribution hub at Avonmouth, on the outskirts of Bristol. Regards, John
  2. JARC1

    Harsh ride

    Tony Many thanks for reply. I am very conscientious regarding regular tyre pressure checks and always done cold (as advised in Manual 35 psi Front and 34 psi Rear). Oddly enough I bought WD - 40 Silicone spray yesterday. Not used it yet, but will. I have no reason to suspect that there is anything wrong with the Shock Absorbers as they appear to do there job when driving and when tested stationary they always appear to behave as they should. Beginning to feel it is me being over zealous about the ride of this car, as I also have a Jaguar S-Type which rides virtually anything and every thing like a dream, in fact it glides. Best Wishes and Regards, John
  3. JARC1

    Harsh ride

    Tony Besides the good advice on tyres, do you have any recommendation regards the shock absorbers. You say the OEM model are on the harder side, so wonder if you know of a better specification or replacement model. Many thanks and Regards, John
  4. Paul I think having the witches around would suit me better than vampires. Best Wishes, John
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