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  1. I'd give the app an F- for idea never mind execution. I remember going with my father to buy his first new Toyota in 1973. He ordered a car for the reg change on 1st Aug and then we went to the garage on 1st August to collect it. 50 years on and I'm in the same position as my father was - I was given an ETD when I ordered the car and my only concern is the ETD is accurate. Other than that, my car could be in Timbuktu for all I care. 🤣
  2. And if anyone wants to see what a UK spec GR looks like in silver... Yaris Cross GR Silver
  3. Agree with the 2nd point but don't follow your logic on the first. We've just come thru a world pandemic where millions of hybrids all over the world will have been left unused. For anyone to suggest the batteries on these cars are somehow damaged? I get the science but then again I could state for fact that leaving the car for just one day outside will damage the paintwork ( UV rays ). Unfortunately science can't tell me by how much. I'd have thought using the term 'damaged' as poetic licence for scaremongering. Warranty? I'd describe a warranty of 5yr + 1yr extension at best as splitting hairs, but in reality - nonsense. Using that logic, every car sold in the UK only has a 1yr warranty because for a component to be covered, the car has to be either serviced or at a minimum checked annually. So Kia's have a 1 yr + 6 year extension? Mercedes don't come with 30yr anti-corrosion warranty, they come with 1yr + 29 extensions? Nobody describes warranties like that. And I say nonsense because where do you get the 5yr warranty come from? Presumably the car would also need to be serviced in years 11, 12, 13 and 14 for the warranty to remain intact so isn't it a 1yr + 14yr extension. We're making hard work of something that's very simple. 🤣 🤣 🤣
  4. Would that be the same battery that Toyota give a 15 year guarantee on?
  5. Damaged 😲 What ever makes you think the battery would be damaged?
  6. You can. I added them as part of the optional safety pack. Orange looks better than I'd imagined. But it's the microfibre seats I happiest with. Looks and I'm sure feels better than the cloth seats in other cars. ( In my opinion of course ). The GR badging looks more subtle than in the publicity photos which is no bad thing.
  7. If anyone is interested, found these real-world photos of a UK spec in Burnt Orange. Yaris Cross GT - Burnt Orange
  8. Thanks for the info. So they did alter it - interesting. I'll be settling the PCP a.s.a.p so fingers crossed they use latest info. The £350 difference is better in my pocket than theirs. ( what can I say - I'm Scottish ).
  9. Quick question on Toyota Financial Services PCP contribution. Just noticed that TFS have increased their contribution from £1400 to £1750 on the YarisX. Was just wondering if anyone has any practical experience of incentives when collecting their car. Did TFS use the deal on offer when you ordered the car or did they honour the deal at the time you actually took out the PCP ( typically within a few days of collecting the car ). Hope that makes sense!
  10. So that's it settled. The YarisX is built in France and the VIN plate built in Czech Rep. 🤣
  11. I'm really confused. Your ID has your location as Derbyshire but there's no such thing as a SR or AWD Icon here in the UK. Yaris Crosses that arrive in Derbyshire will be built in France.
  12. I've treated the last six changeover's we've had as two seperate transactions - buying a car and selling a car. I've completely given up with part-ex. now I was replacing a renault a few years back and was considering buying another renault. Arnold Clark gave me a part-ex price which I wasn't happy with. In the end I bought from another manufacturer, but the moral of the story is I sold my Renault via the Arnold Clark website and took it to the same dealership who'd given me that part-ex. price They gave me almost £1500 MORE for selling it to them and walking away than they would have if buying a car off them. I asked them how is that possible - their answer was AC's online system is a different business to the dealership. Crazy eh?
  13. Starlet? Gosh that got me thinking. The Starlet came well after my father's first Toyotas. I learned to drive in a Starlet! The last courtesy car our family had from Toyota ( I was in my teens then ) was a Cressida estate. That'd have been '79. There was a delay on my father's car arriving from the docks in Dublin ( for some reason they used to ship new cars from Japan to Ireland back then ) so they gave him the Cressida for a week. I just remember it being massive ( at least back then it was .) A new Corolla 1.3L saloon in 1979 cost £3499. Incidentally: His first car a 1.1L Corolla 3dr in 1973 cost £1300 His 2nd, a 1.2L Corolla Saloon in 1975 cost £1999 His 3rd, a 1.2L Corolla Saloon in 1977 cost £2600 and his 5th, a 1.6L Corolla Liftback, cost £5050 in 1981. You had to buy a new car every 2yr back then if you didn't want rust. 🤣
  14. I'm not familiar with Yaris prices but this is on par with my experience with the used prices of Yaris Cross. I can't understand why anyone would choose to buy a used Yaris Cross at the moment when you can buy a brand new one, not just for a little less but in some cases for thousands less than you can buy a used car. It boils down to this. If someone is happy with the price they're paying for their car, then that's all that matters. Me? Not knowing the figures involved then in principal I agree, why wouldn't I take up the offer. What I wouldn't have done tho is sign up to the offer you're currently on because you're obviously been paying too much. He sounds like a typical Arthur Daley. The obvious response is if Toyota were pushing hard to sell/register more cars then why limit this to existing PCP customers? It's typical sales BS. If I hadn't walked away already I'd have also asked how did he square that with news that Toyota want to increase prices? Price hikes Never listen to whatever a salesman tells you because the only person he's looking to benefit is himself.
  15. News of UK bound GR's only broke in late August. Didn't they say something like orders would begin in the 3rd quarter 2022? So whoever may have ordered the car could only have ordered it a matter of weeks or even days before Crieffy. Giving that I saw a GR on the road the other day, my guess is Toyota already had a batch of cars in anticipation of orders. Being the 'launch' colour, what's the chances all those early delivery cars are Ash Grey? Crieffy probably hit the jackpot with his timing, specification and colour choice.
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