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  1. You would hope so , but they do car has barely done 70000 miles and 8 months left on warranty for what it's worth
  2. Hi wonder if anyone can help I have a 2018 Toyota avensis 2.0 diesel Around 2 months ago 4 lights appeared on dash , and a message saying Check parking brake system after a visit to my regular mechanic he told me Problem is with air flow sensor so called Toyota dealer as car is still under Warranty only to be told Toyota dealer in my Area gone warranties are being Done by Honda dealer who intend to taking on Toyota and lexus franchise So eventually get car looked at yes same codes as before but the main one. Being for air flow sensor, and the others part of a cascade system Can we remove your intake manifold sir , don't worry it will be covered by Warranty! Turns out there was a load of carbon in there that was preventing Some mechanism from moving. Sorry sir this is not covered by warranty We should be charging you £600 but will only charge for an hour and not The eight it took £132 so I pay that go out to work as taxi driver three hours Later lights back on , I just happened to be very near Honda dealer so nipped in , oh we will have a look on diagnostic .... Still air flow sensor code , told to take car back in 7 days or I can leave it .as car still drives fine when I went back they had car for two and a half days but didn't look at it until the third day ,they have cleaned sensor body and dpf pressure hoses of carbon Car has been test driven twice sir no lights coming on .A £132 please Four hours later on they came again The original plan had been to try a New sensor but that seems to forgotten about , spoke to service advisor Struggling to get you in sir as we have lots of Toyota Lexus and Honda cars Waiting to be fixed etc and if we do get you in , it will be up on a ramp Stripping and that's a whole different ball game I was told but no explanation So that's thing up to date still waiting on new appointment , but going to my usual mech tomorrow for service ( small good garage) perhaps he may know A thing or two of what different ball game means ? But if not would anyone of your kind selves have any knowledge or info That point me in the right direction as to what could be wrong with car As it's a pain without auto handbrake or stop start function and no digital speedo.
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