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  1. I generally use the 'miles left' gauge as tool to improve my MPG. Each time after I filled up, I take not of what it is. I then reset my trip a odometer to zero. Say the 'miles left' is 520, then I try to drive in such a way that whenever, anytime through the tank, I calculate miles left, added to what I have already done on the tank, and see how close I can email to the original 520. It gives me opportunity to do some maths, and at the same time, I challenge myself constantly to drive as economically as I can.
  2. I wonder if a new update will follow, or if one can go back to a previous version...
  3. I think over time, one will get much more used to using voice for everything. Even thou I can use Apple CarPlay, I prefer this Toyota interface. It has warned me a few times of impending traffic and rerouted me.
  4. Thank you for the replies guys, will give it a try. I just think, it is new, if something should be working, it should work...
  5. Thank you for the welcomes, everyone.
  6. Hi All. Jim here. Been driving Toyotas since we bought an IQ for my wife in 2009. After that an 09 Prius, then a used Auris, then a new Auris, then a 2020 Corolla and just received my 2022 Corolla 10 days ago.
  7. Welcome to Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Why not introduce yourself in the New Members section.

    1. Jimbotha


      Thank you Steve. Appreciate it. Will do.

  8. Roy, it is the new Smart Connect system. Really good looking, and working well, except for searching for destinations by typing. It finds destinations by voice though.
  9. I have my new Corolla now 2 weeks. Small adjustments to get used to the NAV system, which I like, by the way. But when I want to type in a new destination, the satnav doesn't search, and the wheel just keeps turning, as if it is not connected to anything. DCM is strong, but nothing, doesn't't matter what destination I look for. Have you seen this? Can it easily be sorted?
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