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  1. Congrats Tom.B You had a storm trooper avatar no? ... Gen 5 celica's? you want to be thinking about moving baby stuff around and messages and stuff, something with more doors.....he he
  2. Wow, thats very lucky indeed, glad your all ok.
  3. My mates Iphone is pretty cool, he is happy to do a lot of online stuff and as the add says it has an app for almost everything. You will need to sign up to a broad band package and if you dont they wont give you one. As a number of reps said to me why do you want an Iphone if your not going to be using its internet properties. I could not answer that and got myself a Nokia 5800 Music Express. I prefer to do online stuff on my computer. Its maybe not as refined as the iphone but its fully touch screen. After a few weeks I quite like mine. Although I cant get my Navicore (TOM TOM) on to it. I am just beginning to use the playlists for listening to music on it much better than the Nokia N73 I got that, and a pack of screen protectors and a plastic wallet thingy to keep it in, although the accessories are not Nokia
  4. Dude your not giving us much to go on. Is the ST205 a celica? There is a celica sub forum search that and this section for general faults relating to the st 205 when was the lat time this car was serviced, is it running smooth? has the petrol consumption changed? It could be a number of things, including throttle positioning sensor, camshaft sensor, air flow meter, lambda sensor. It could also be a broken air ducting hose or leek on the inlet air system ? Have a search on the forum for past topics, what have you done to check things? , if you dont know where to start then simply take the car to a diagnostics centre and ask for a diagnostic test, or find someone with a fault code reader.
  5. Thats me never forget a car....But yes I can remember that name with a black gen 7. My cars have gone totally weird a Merc C180 auto and an Nissan Elgrand......now thats a crazy vehicle but the wife picked it and is over the moon with it. The cars are fine but in terms of driving they dont really spark or ...I dont know what to say really.....blandish?
  6. Yeah Hi I remember you, you had a red Gen 6 no? I have also parted with my gen 6 too and now have some very weird vehicles Now the MR2, they are a stunning little motor always wanted a turbo version, your looks nice, very clean hope you enjoy it :D
  7. Ahh your right there. I forgot about that. I also tried to join that forum Donkeys ago, gave up and put it to the back of my mind.....obviously Quite winging, and make use of it while it lasts! ;) lol..... There was a number of the ah topics on said forum that had a read count....so some one is making use of the links. Hope they got their AV up to date
  8. I know a lot of members here are members of other forums I am too. Recently having bought a Nissan Elgrand I tried to join a couple of the associated forums. Which from other forums I am a member of its simple enough....no? I have tried several times registering with the elgrand forum and while I get an acknowledgment I never get an activation or other contact from the forum, this is over a month now and nothing from them The really weird one is the nissan owners main forum. I was looking to join that as I had no luck with the elgrand forum but every time I check the forum the boards are full of topics covering various medical supplies, callis viagra etc. Its obvious they have had their system overrun with spam. I sent them a message and on checking tonight the medical subjects have all gone and been replaced with various options for !Removed!. I dont know about the membership levels and how these forums are moderated etc but honestly its mental. There would be no point in joining such a forum. I hope they get things sorted out there. In the several years I have been a member here I have never seen anything like this on TOC. Thats years of doing a very good job, well done chaps
  9. I did 1300 miles looking for and getting a new vehicle for my wife. I will do another 450 miles tomorrow on a round trip to pick it up.
  10. Did you get the info you needed? Google" Wikepedia" and go to the site, look up toyota hiace, there is loads of information there and a number of external links to more specifications etc if you dont get it from Wiki. HTH
  11. You said it, im finding the same with a MPV that I am looking for..........Ive just done 1200 miles looking at different vehicles and cant get the one I really want
  12. Ive seen some of those programmes too and the camera makes a difference for any police officer getting recorded. What I really dont get is why they have to put up with so much crap and abuse from the scallywag's they catch. Some of them seriously need a bat in the mouth.
  13. Thanks for that, they certainly look the part, some nice cars in the workshop garage.
  14. I was wondering if anyone could comment on this Jap Specialist in Warrington called Car Planet Ltd. Their premises look good and there is a lot of cars there. They do a lot of electrical and diagnostic work as well as sell imports. I was wondering if anyone had any dealings with them and could make any comment on them? I was looking to get an MPV from them. They do a warranty but I am old enough to have had warranties in the past that are not worth much. I am not sure with this chap giving me a warranty I would have to return the car back there for any warranty issues. Martin
  15. Hey Jimlad hows you doing. Interesting new job then? Hope it goes well
  16. Hi There For insurance try Adrian Flux or Sky Insurance who do an agreed value policy, or some of them internet sites but I dont use them have found on confirming the mods the prices go mental. I am with sky. No idea on the window but try searching then net for a place that repairs or supplies convertible hoods they my do a window
  17. Dude thats a top post! Great site and the queue system is simples! Thanks For a laugh if your a Star Wars fan and have seen Snatch type into youtube snatch wars. There is some swearing (as is there in Snatch) but nothing else, and its possibly one of the funniest things on the internet.
  18. There's a wee bit of generalisation going on here. Managers have to walk around. How do other employees get around the workplace? The link is helpful, I would say; I confess I am a manager. I have qualifications in management (yes you get them) amongst others. It is my job to deliver the business goals and required outputs using the resources I have available, the primary one being staff. I have to look after all of the resources we have including staff, which are often the most difficult and time consuming. People have an infinite capacity to surprise you. I have to ensure that the organisational effort (the grunt) is delivering the business goals, monitor measure and report on this to the employees, other senior managers and the board of directors. People should have targets they understand, and a performance management system that is supportive (I know mine do) in helping them perform their required function. On a day to day basis that means talking to staff, completing the administration around my function, and ensuring that staff are aware of what is expected of them. I need to be available to listen to them, discuss their work and how to keep that on track, and remove where possible barriers that affect that goal, and make decisions relating to their progress towards these goals. I should add I am fortunate enough to work for an organisation that has "achievement of work life balance" as a stated goal for every employee and it is quite serious about that. This week I am working on a proposal to have a training agreement revised to increase the companies allowed hours to the training programme. The company allows a number of days off per month to attend college , the employee pays back currently half of that allowance through flexitime. The employee is satisfied with the current balance, but a discussion in their appraisal last week leads me to believe in the coming year there will be additional family pressures that tell me their time will be restricted, and I have suggested this as I feel overall I do not want to exhaust this individual.
  19. Thats a fantastic project. Would not have the patience but that involves so many different aspects of programming and building. If I was a young geek then I would love that stuff...
  20. **Bump** I cant believe that no body knows the answer to this, where has all the talent gone?
  21. Can anyone tell me if a set of alloys wheels that are currently on an gen 5 GT4 (ST185) will fit onto a Gen 6 GT4 (ST205) I have a mate that has a Gen 6 GT4 with large 4 pot calipers and between us we cant determine if the 17" alloys from the ST185 will fit. I have done a search and will do another one, any help appreciated
  22. At 17, Jeeze let her live dude. Let her go! Be a good chap and find a good way to get her there, compromise has already been mentioned. Don't you want her to have fun. Then if this is what she wants then get her to the festival, what else are you doing. Is this not your job? Newsflash **** teenager wants to go to a music festival with her friends***** Up and down the country there are good festivals with little to no trouble, and where in all those festivals there is trouble, there must be a stat for this somewhere, it is most likely to be avoidable by a sensible girl in a group. I know and understand your fears, I have a 16 year old son who is an idiot, I could not have imagined the stuff I would have to deal with with this boy. My 13 year old girl is already at all sorts of concerts, I think it is Endub or something like that this Friday. I am the taxi and our 17 yr old niece with be with her and her friend. She works hard (she is an Avon rep and doing well for a kid) and she bought the ticket herself. I was happy to buy one for our niece to attend with her. I imagine her the festival type, and when the time comes I will be trying to help her get there and back and remain safe. What were you doing when you were 17
  23. Ann McCaffrey I have read some of her stuff, its alright. Robert Jordan...the wheel of time. I definitely read book 10, I thought I had read book 11 but I now cant remember the title. I do wish he would bring the story to an end. I did notice that Brandon Sanderson (whoever he is) is working on book 12 and I have no idea if that will be the conclusion. But I cant read all those books not to finish it now. Must be the old fashioned version of a dedicated "Lost" fan. Ive already mentioned Bernard Cornwell, the sharp series is good but not his best. I listened to most of the Sharp series I got given them all on audio book, which is great for listening while walking the dog. I have some James Patterson on audio and some Lincoln and Preston too which I really enjoyed but my favorite audio book was the Hanibal series by Richard Harris I think, just the job when out walking the dog in the dark! The story of young Hanibal was good too
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