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  1. I fitted them on my old Corolla Gti last year and it was a bit of a hassle getting behind the dash.It just takes patience mate.The dials sure looks nice once fitted.
  2. I'm in the market for a set of new tyres.I'm looking to buy the Eagle F1 GDS3's.The cheapest online quote I got was £302.32 for 4 x 205/50/16 delivered.Anyone got them any cheaper elsewhere?Oh,just remembered my Gold Members discount.Hope there are some places that can do them cheaper with the discount :D :P
  3. ...good post mate and please remember peoplemen can also die of breast cancer
  4. Arggh,sold the rolla just over an hour ago Twas sad to see her go,but it looks like the new owner will take good care of her.Its the end of an era for me *sigh*Sorry if I sound all sentimental,but my first car ever when I was a student was a twincam rolla with the 4age engine and I've loved it ever since.
  5. Well,a bloke came by tonight with his mate to have a look.Mate seemed pretty clued up as apparently he had a Gti before.Its provisionally sold...just need to close the deal tomorrow when he comes up with the cash.I wish now that I could keep her still.I really wanted to use her as a project car for doing the 4agze conversion on.I know its been done many times before,but I just wanted to have my own supercharged rolla.Well,you can't have everything in this life .
  6. All the speakers including Pioneer that I have bought in the past came with wires.If you are thinking of upgrading your install later on you may be best off getting better quality speaker wire though mate. Cheers Ant
  7. Yo Rash The Supra and myself are treating each other very well mate.I can't thank you enough for this great car you sold to me.She's still pretty much standard,but I've got some mods in the pipeline .I'll give u a call about the rolla when I get a chance Cheers Ant ;)
  8. Hi there.AFAIK there was no Tazz model in the UK.The South African Conquest shape is here referred to as the Corolla and the Conquest RSi twincam-16 from SA was made here in the 2-door hatch guise as the Corolla Gti-16.The last model of this shape was made in 1992. I'm from Capetown originally and know the Tazz is still as popular as ever over in good ol' SA.It might be worthwhile checking the Australian version of this forum as well as I know that a lot of the SA Toyota models are exported/available down there and some of the guys on there might have some answers. Good Luck Cheers Ant
  9. OK mate.Had someone come round today to have a look.Bloke will let me know tomorrow if he's gonna buy it. Cheers Ant
  10. Hi toymota.Unfortunately its just a 4age.I was going to do the supercharger conversion beginning of this year,but ended up buying a MKIV Supra Twin Turbo.I would still love to keep the rolla as a project car,but won't have the extra cash to spend on it this year.Got too many plans for the Supra and other projects going careerwise.The rolla is now for sale at £900 as I need the garage space. Cheers Ant
  11. Yes,she's been stood in the garage mostly since I got the MKIV supra in March.ONly put on about 50 miles since.I need the garage space to work on the Supra and as a general workshop...also need the cash to spend on the soop :D
  12. Forgot to say that she also has a Clifford Concept 300 Cat1 alarm fitted :D
  13. I've finally decided to sell my baby She's a red Corolla Gti-16,covered 106898 miles and is an excellent car. The bodywork needs attention like most of these little legends do now. The interior is clean and tidy. Taxed til September 2005 and MOT until March 2006 Timing belt changed at 100380 miles. The following is a list of extras that will go with the car: Kahn RSS 17" wheels [standard wheels and spare included] Toyo Proxes TS1's fitted for last MOT and done under 5000 miles New Black Diamond discs and EBC Greenstuff pads fitted at last MOT Set of used rear callipers I got from Fensport a few years ago. Mongoose stainless steel exhaust Magnecor ignition leads Clear front and side indicators Clear rear lenses[only tried these on ,but never got round to fitting them] Indiglo dials with variable colour and brightness control[Got this from Jon Barnes a few months ago] Pioneer 300W 6x9 TSE 6995's[the ones with the screw type connections] Pioneer 250W tune up tweeters Pioneer 100W 10cm 2-ways, TSE 1075 Pioneer 160W 13cm 3-ways ,TSE 1395[Never used] AutoAcoustics Stealshelf for 6x9's Kenwood 10 disk cd changer[not connected as I put the standard HU back in] Roofrack and Roofbox from Halfords HAYNES Manual I think thats the lot...hope I haven't forgotten anything I'm asking for £1000 or the nearest sensible offer Cheers Ant :) PS.There are a few pics of it in the gallery Corolla Gti
  14. Antd4agze

    Trd Sunstrip

    Where did u get it mate?
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