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  1. Hi all,i have just had a new exedy clutch fitted to my gen7 T Sport. I am getting a slight judder through the pedal in 1st gear when pulling away,all other gears are fine with no judder.Does the clutch just need some time to bed in or is there something more sinister afoot? Thanks in advance.
  2. :rolleyes:Yip,been looking for a set myself for months now,no joy.I wish someone would reproduce these as i'm sure they'd sell
  3. CELICA, :spiteful:for her name is legend
  4. Did see this on ebay it says it doesn't fit the gt4 but the part number is the same
  5. Had a quick look around and apart from a guy on ebay selling second hand ones at £40 72 is as good as you're gonna get
  6. Doesn't the ct20b have a ceramic wheel that is bigger than a ct26?
  7. My old st185 had a similar thing that turned out to be front top mounts which i replaced with a pair of TRD ones,noise gone
  8. Hi Troops,any idea of how long it would take to replace the clutch on a '04 T Sport?
  9. how is the battery?have you tried jump leads on another car with its engine running?
  10. gt4jas

    Hi Guys

    you can get a new water pump from ebay for £35 or less
  11. Take #1 spark plug out(saves you removing intercooler)place against metal engine lift bracket(or similar),get someone to turn engine over and check for spark,if spark check for fuel delivery,if plug is wet and smells of fuel you probably don't have spark.If you've got fuel and spark,try timing(if you turn it over long enough does it 'pop' or 'bang'? Maybe igniter(coil)
  12. Yep sounds like a heat shield 'buzz' got one on my TS
  13. gt4jas

    Hi Guys

    You'd be better saving an extra £500 or be good at haggling and get this instead
  14. Never seen any that drop as low as 50-60 between 30-40 is about your limit.Try ebay for a set of APEX ones or if your pockets are deep enough a set of EIBACHS should do the trick
  15. gt4jas

    Paint Codes

    Hi,i have just ordered a pair of headlight 'eyebrows' for my TS they come in black and i was going to spray them grey(to match car obv) my paint code is 1D2 but the supplier does not recognise that paint code against a celica,but that's what it says on the vin plate so i ordered anyway,is he missinformed or will it be ok? hmmm
  16. In picture 2,are those the 2 pipes going to your heater matrix?They look similar to the ones on my old st185 when i had to replace the matrix
  17. Good news then,think i'll change them anyway for peace of mind. Thanks dude
  18. Also i've heard that the torque settings are way too tight,any recomendations on that one? Ta
  19. As a general rule of thumb how often should the lift bolts be replaced on the newer model?
  20. OK guys the st185 has gone and i'm now in the process of buying an 04 plate Tsport.Have been hearing a lot about lift bolts on the earlier pre-facelift model,has this problem been resolved in the newer model and should i be concerned? btw car has done just over 54k miles. thanks