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  1. The only thing i like about that car is the interior.
  2. I visit all 3 and dont prefer one club to the other, as they all offer its own content and all 3 sites are enjoyable to read.
  3. Looking very swish with the spoiler on gump :D Take it easy bud. :)
  4. Ellie -Good constructive critism, as for the black bonnet i like it, but its still being changed for a carbon fiber one so not to worry :) Here's a few more snaps that might give you a bit of a better perspective of the whole 2 tone. Granted in these pics there's a few layers of polish on the paint now so kinda shines a bit more. Taken at a recent show :
  5. Wish i could goto the nurburg, maybe one day i will get there :D
  6. Flamby - They have both had the same spray job because its part of a 3 car line up we have at the body shop,its there own color so they want to make a "statement" so i just tagged along for the ride, so there's the sx13 my mr2 and an s14 going same color. Should look mint at shows.
  7. Sorry guys put the wrong pics up, that was just when it came out as i picked her up, so no repeaters etc as i was buying new ones. These are the proper pics lol, Scoop meshed/siderepeaters on and 6mm spacers on the rear, probably needs another 6mm but need longer studs. I know what ya mean about the mesh, but cant please everyone, and i dont wanna start ripping it to bits all ready.lol. All i need now is for someone good with ECU's so i can fit my apexi SAFC. Cough "ROB" cough :P
  8. Well She's finished guys. Here it is :)
  9. Cheers Rob Jim - If we all had the same taste we'd all be driving identicle car's :) The only spoiler iv ever liked on the mr2's is the autopista, so iv stuck with that.
  10. Well here she is guys, not in her full glory as she's about 98% done, but you get the picture. Just spoiler,boot and engine bay cover to go on and a quick polish and she's all mine as of tomorrow afternoon :D Then its a quick nip to halfrauds to get some wheel spacers to bring the back wheels out by 20mm and bobs ya uncle.
  11. Right well iv just bought this without even thinking if i need it or not lol http://www.speedstash.com/apexi_safc.html Iv read what it does, but its all gobbly !Removed! to me, so could someone give me a brief description of what it actualy does. And also, Will i need it lol Im running standard boost at the moment 10-11psi ? Iv got a Extreme boost downpipe fitted and nurspec + crappy aftermarket filter (HKS is next on list) I want to increase the boost to safe levels, i.e 14psi just shy of a bar ? So will this little jizzy me bob do anything for me ? Bought it for £100 so i thought that was a pretty good bargain. Idea's and thoughts gentlemen / Ladies :)
  12. Nooooooooooo, cant beleive you got rid! :o How much did it fetch, tell me to <if my vocabulary was any smaller, it would be nearly as small as my genitals> if ya like lol, just wondering :P Will be up maybe tuesday so ill speak to ya then :D
  13. Hey russ, yes ill be up soon anyway as i need to talk to that tinting place near you, to see if they will do my windows. Have you sold your MR2 then russ ? and will your body work now turn to lexus soarers! :o hehe
  14. hehe, hey gump, no i dont think ill be going sideways in this one now, allthough the odd occasion might call for it. you'll have to pop into town one night and show me the spoiler,i was going to sell mine as i was going to have a carbon GT one on mine but decided against it in the end. Is it a genuine autopista one ? :D Think i saw you the other week going round town not sure if it was you though.
  15. Rico - Cheers for clarifying their border :D Jim - Yeah i know what you mean, but once this project is done, ill get bored and want to move on. Still with an MR2, just different type, either a rev 3 or rev 4. Had 2 mr2's so far and ill keep with them untill i either die in one or cant use my legs through old age lol.
  16. The body work was half the process, the other half was spending £1360 on the engine. And thats just to get it to run right lol. added one or to bits and bobs for fun, had an extreme boost downpipe added, and a uprated clutch and flywheel also a free flow exhaust manifold. still running stock boost but when i first had it, it was slow then but now. woah! momma! lol, so decided with new rocket engine needs new looks. so spent some more cash on the beast. Will be up for sale at the endish of summer though. Im after a new project.
  17. Hehe, glad you like :) Iv already got them,bought them 3 days befor it went into the body shop. Here's a pic. 18" Arospeed RSS
  18. I wont bore you with all the build process pics but here's just a few, and the recent one i recieved today of it having its spray job just done. :) Still some way to go but take a sneek peek :P As you can see, its gold base, and black/gold dust roof / Apillars and black bonnet. The kit as you can probably tell anyway is a greddy splitter, toms skirts and bomex/border? (not sure myself lol) rear spats. Also got a toms scoop to go on, and already have the autopista spoiler. Tell me what ya reckon. All critasism welcome :D
  19. GazMR2GTS

    Ice As Nice

    lol cheeky mare :P no i havnt, iv done the reverse and repaird it to well lets say , check the topic that i create in a few mins :P
  20. GazMR2GTS

    Ice As Nice

    Looking good rob :) I darnt show you what iv done to my Mr2 as you'll probably shout at me lol.
  21. Give me an autopista center section anyday :D All though i do like the rev 3 spoiler too.
  22. Prefer your black one, but thats just as lush too :D Good work bud
  23. I got my Rev 3 lights off ebay for £165+£20 postage which i thought was pretty cheap, here's a pic of befor and after. I made the right choice i think and ill only get the rev6 if my car come's overly in your face. (long while yet) Befor: And After:
  24. Me im going for the Rev 3's as i think they just look the good all rounder's. Iv recently just bought some from e-bay for £165, which i thought was pretty good to say they can go for over £200+ I think in a later day i will convert to the rev6 lights when all body mod's are done etc. but for now Rev 3 have to be my fave. What you guys think ?
  25. Extremely niiiiiiiiice!
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