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  1. Hi, anyone have ever considered buying a hydrogen kit or maybe anyone has installed it in a Yaris? is it worth doing? they say it improves in fuel efficiency of about 35-40% depends on the kit. any comments? or help thank you
  2. hello to all... I have an autometer tachometer and I can't find a place where to install it. the thing is that I dont want it with the A-pillar and also I dont wish to drill the dash to install... any suggestions from some one??
  3. In a few weeks time I will have my Vitz bumper for sale as I'm going to upgrade... but I'm not from UK so there is the shipping involved
  4. What sort of price have you people paid for these? paid 85sterling including postage from hong kong...not expensive been about 5months now that I have them and I had no probs..
  5. I got a set of HID's off ebay (from hong kong). they were quite cheap. I got them 5000k 55w (35w are the normal for road legal, dont know if 55w are legal but i still got them anyway, and I've got a massive beam power :) btw they are H4 dual beam
  6. any other idea from where I can find the fog lamps? didnt find on ebay toyota dealer are expensive..If I could find somewhere else would be better
  7. just sent him an email so maybe he can arrange me shipping... thanks by d way!
  8. didnt find on ebay! and Toyota are massively expensive! thought maybe i fint them from somewhere else.. the thing is i bought a tsport bumper to replace my standard one, and didnt have fog lamps with it
  9. Hello, can some one tell me from where I can buy Yaris tsport fog lamps and the back plate behind them (the black ones) pls? cant find any where any help?
  10. MASSIVE and BEAUTIFUL car. i love MR2's! do you occasionally find MR2s for sale in UK? and are they expensive? by d way is that a 1.6l or a 2.0lt turbo?
  11. how did you do the -2.5deg negative camber? do you do it in a garage? or diy? will you see the difference with -2.5? regarding road holding
  12. i use my ipodtouch with the fm transmitter...no wires needed, just an empty fm station! and i just put the ipod in the compartment by d side of the radio or on the seat... thats it :)
  13. by d way...got my HID kit from ebay - hong kong and were quite cheap!
  14. in my yaris i fitted HID's 5000k 55w and they are impressive! a lot of bright white light! they do look cool also :) for the rear i'm still on standards as i cant find an eye catchy one... dont like those lexux and stuff..
  15. Hi, just want to know if the starlet 15diesel 2000model has got a pollen or ac filter? if so where is it located? normally in other toyotas i find it in the glove box (by removing it) appriciate any help thanks!
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