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  1. Thanks all. This is the point where I have to admit to being a complete mechanical numpty, and I reckon that playing around with pistons/calipers/pads is beyond me. I did try just jabbing the brake pedal a few times to free it up (as recommended by a friend) but I'm not convinced that it's OK. I did a very short (1 mile) journey last night and I could still feel a bit of warmth when I put my hand to the wheel. Is this the kind of thing that one of yer drive-in fix-it places (Kwik-fit etc) would be able to handle, or is it a garage job? TIA Tarby
  2. Hi all, I've not been driving the ST much at all since I got into motorbikes last summer (40th birthday... enough said); it gets a run to the shops or the cinema occasionally... but that's about it. Anyway, I had one of my rare trips out in it last night and at the end of my 6 mile journey, the offside front wheel - the whole thing - was too hot to touch. I poured some water on and clouds of steam came off it! The brakes had been misbehaving a little during the journey... when they bit, they bit quite sharply and having braked to a halt, when I took off again there was a judder that felt as if they were still grabbing for a moment. Obvious question: what on earth is going on? Is it a result of the car hardly being used anymore? TIA Tarby
  3. Cheers Daktari. According to Timken's website, Goldline is one of their UK distributors, so I'll give them a try. Thanks again
  4. Lads, thanks for your replies so far. I should have said at the outset that these are rear wheel bearings, which I gather (from my mechanic) are an altogether different thing from front bearings... fancy, sealed-unit kinda things that are factory-pressed and not designed to be opened up to work on. Will your suppliers carry these too? BTW, He got a price from Toyota of something like £180 + VAT for one! TIA Tarby
  5. Hi all, I'm after a wheel bearing for my ST. My mechanic is in sharp-intake-of-breath / thats-gonna-cost-you mode, saying they're hard to get after-market and he'll probably have to get one from Toyota, and he's expecting it to cost something like £200-300. Does that sound about right? Any recommendation where I might get one cheaper in the Manchester / Cheshire area? TIA Tarby
  6. I can only speak for the mighty gen 6 ST, which I have run with a stock filter, a K&N induction kit and a K&N filter at various times. The induction kit sounded good and gave more low-down power, but fuel consumption was marginally poorer. So far, it seems the K&N filter performs much like the standard one, but fuel consumption seems better than when I ran with a stock filter. Might just be a quirk, but I'm consistently getting over 400 miles from a full tank now, which I rarely did with the induction kit or a stock filter...
  7. Hi all, A question to those of us who are blessed with an ST205: do you worry much about it getting nicked? Where I live, the Impreza is the vehicle of choice for a !Removed! doing a robbery. Apparently, it's not uncommon to be woken in the middle of the night by a bloke with a baseball bat, wanting the keys to your Scooby so that he can go about his business at a reasonable rate of knots. Now, I would imagine that your average !Removed! has probably never even heard of a GT-Four and so you don't have too many problems of that kind, and you don't worry unduly about having it nicked by joyriders, or getting keyed by some jealous urchin. For those of you that have a 'Four, do you worry much about this kind of thing? Had any problems? I keep thinking about getting one but if I'm always going to be thinking "I hope it's still there" as I walk back to it, I might have to settle for something more sober :( TIA Tarby
  8. Surprised to hear that, Sotal - I would have hoped those extra 60 horses would make a noticeable difference, even given everything that's been said about the ST being more torquey. Did you get to play around above 4k revs? What exactly disappointed you about the GT? Asking because I keep mulling over the idea of getting a GT, but have never been in one... TIA Tarby
  9. Yeah, they're in that grey box just beneath "Toyota Owners Club - UK Toyota Car Club > Toyota Forums > Celica" at the top of the page. You get different companies in there each time you browse the forum, but I've noticed them there quite a few times... Nah, GT-four of course! They always seem to have a few... Cheers, Tarby
  10. Hi all, As per the title... has anyone bought from - or heard good/bad things about - the GT-four importers who advertise in this forum (www.japimportuk.com) ? TIA Tarby
  11. Hi all, driving northbound on the M6 through south Cumbria yesterday morning, a Gen6 with a nice bodykit and an orangey-red pearlescent paint job pulled alongside, and Osama Bin-Laden (or at least, a bloke wearing a rubber Bin-Laden mask) waved enthusuastically from the passenger seat. He made a few general "Hey, we've both got a Gen6!" gestures before zooming off. Would anyone care to own up? Cheers, Tarby (still chuckling)
  12. I'm about to get a couple of new tyres... is there ever a need to have balancing and/or tracking looked at when changing tyres, if the car was previously OK? TIA Tarby
  13. Mine passed first time last week as well. I've had the stereo (knackered), the aerial (knackered) and the timing belt (seemed like a good time to do it) replaced in the past year, and the alarm fob packed up on me too. Apart from that (and the usual ST gallons of oil), my only other expense was Waxoyl. Not bad, I s'pose... I just wish I didn't have the fabled oil consumption problem...
  14. Doh! It's arrived now and comparing it with my last filter, which was still in the airbox, it's clearly too small. For any ST owners thinking about the K&N panel filter, p/n 33-2052 is what you need...
  15. Hi all, I've ordered a K&N panel filter, p/n 33-2041-1, for my '97 ST from a shop on eBay, and I've got a horrible feeling I've ordered the wrong one. I've looked at the list of vehicles that it's supposed to fit at www.knfilters.com and although it says it would fit a '98 or '99 1.8 Celica, the '97 model isn't mentioned. When I ordered it, I was having a bit of a senior moment (thought mine was a '98). According to K&N's part search, the thing I really want for a '97 model is p/n 33-2052. So, I'm wondering: 1) Have I definitely ordered the wrong thing? 2) What are the chances of the '98 filter being OK for a '97 car? The dimensions of 33-2041-1 are 24x252x157, whereas the dimensions for 33-2052 are 25x314x191 so it looks like this thing should fit with room to spare... but am I just asking for trouble by fitting a not-quite-big-enough filter? 3) I didn't know the airbox changed in 98 - can anyone confirm that? If it helps, 33-2041-1 corresponds to Toyota p/n 1780116020, and 33-2052 corresponds to Toyota p/ns 1780103010 and 1780174060. It arrives tomorrow... TIA Confused of Stockport, AKA Tarby
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