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  1. Hello peeps i have got a set of tte full suspension kit (only avensis to have the shocks as was the test dummy) and was wondering how much they would be worth they are in very good condition , they come from a R reg ? Pic is just of fronts, they have the tte springs too
  2. It is abit worse for wear due to being Sat so did need some money spending on it to get it as it was, its ashame but atleast it will help other cars improve, hoping i can find some more information on some of the parts on this car
  3. Hello peeps its been ages since i been on this site, since i lost my mr2 to rust heaven :( Anyway i have purchased Kens old Avensis 3sgte which im sure alot of you will know, but i am sad to say am breaking for spares as that is what i do for a living and seeing it has been sat a while does need a fair bit of work The mods are : thor racing link ecu aquamist 2c apexi induction kit samco induction hose aussie downpipe work emotion cr wheels in gun metal grey with nearly new tyres hi spec monster 6 kit brakes on front and hi spec twin pots on the rear tte full suspension kit (only avensis to have the shocks as was the test dummy) red & black trim corbeau seats with LUKE 4 point harnesses 3 blitz gauges in hks holders. Anyway i have a few questions 1. Car has Hi Spec brakes all round will these fit any other car ? 2. Is there many of these conversions been done and in uk and i have a full cobra system but has no flanges which is crap so is a pain to post? 3. It also has wind deflectors are these rare to avensis as i know they are to mr2s and celicas ?
  4. thank u for the add x

  5. hi ya, im in southend and game for meets, lol hope to gain a friend

  6. I will be coming with 2 mr2s this year providing i find a new shell for my white one and get the new lump in in time , also have about 8 other cars maybe more not all toyotas though so if you got room for some islanders
  7. sounds good to me ill be there tommorrow in the 200sx will miss the mr2 this year but got the beer so happy days :D
  8. erm i now have a 200sx s13 and my white mr2 is far from ready need to rebuild the engine yet can i still come on the stand even though i have the 200sx :(
  9. just sold the gt4 woops lol might be getting anothet toyota so just keep my car as toyota ???? haha
  10. change my car to celica gt4 st185, dont think the mr2 will be done in time this year as plans include big monies
  11. Yeah im over the moon got it for a good price too :)
  12. I should be bringing another car to my new gt4 st185 driver dependent
  13. Hey guys not been on here for a while but here is my new project :) Spec pretty much standard imported in 2004 hks dump valve Supra actuator turbo set to 12psi had new turbo in 2004 also got all the import goodies too :) Anyway here are some pics :) enjoy
  14. Do we know you? :P Ermmmmmm i dunno maybe i got mistaken will this remind you BUMP