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  1. Hi Guys I have 2002 model corolla 1.6 tspirit. The drivers side window only goes down now and again. When it is down it comes back up no problem. Previous you would have to press the button around 10 times with a bit of pressure to get it down. Now it comes down very rarely. Any ideas? Secondly I have lost the cap that covers the back of the headlight. It is the one you remove 1st when you do a bulb change. Any idea were I can get a replacement from? Thanks
  2. Hi John. Does that mean the whole clutch will need replacing or some sort of a refurb?
  3. Hi Guys I am now due my 100,000 service. I want a full service and need some advice on what to change. I change the oil every 6 months but apart from that nothing has been changed in the last 3 years except brake pads which I had done recently. Also I have noticed that when I put my foot down the engine revs high but the car doesnt pick up speed in line with the rev counter. Any idea what this could be? It actually sounds like an automatic changing gears.
  4. A year ago i had my engine management light come on. I took it to a local garage who had the machine to test it and switch it of. It came up as a fault with a sensor blockage in the cat sysytem. The guy told me to pour something in the tank (cant remember what it was) and it should cure it. The propblem is the light has now come on again. It has come on exactly 1 year after it did last time!!!|Sounds dodgy..can it be set to come back on again after a year by the guy who switched it off?
  5. I have a corolla t-spirit(02). It is on 58500 miles and is now showing an orange warning light on the dash. Is this just to warn me that my 60,000 mile service is soon due?
  6. i have the pioneer avix-x1r which is satnav, mp3, dvd etc. look svery neat
  7. i had a new stereo fitted using the single adaptor. recently iv noticed a rattling noise coming from the same area. mainly when i go over bumps or uneven surfaces. i have noticed one of the clip is broken on the actual panel that holds the stereo, heater vents etc in. this sticks out a bit from the rest of the dash. any ideas were the noise is coming from? also can you buy a replacement panel without buying the instruments?
  8. the console wich houses the heaters,radio etc on my corolla t-spirit has a broken clip on it and hangs out from one side. is it possible to get just the plastic frame as i do not require the heaters etc. i changed my stereo from the original so i have the stereo adaptor fitted.
  9. i have quite along scratch on my rear door. it is not deep though. Any ideas how to remove it without having to give it to a repair shop? its a corolla t-spirit.
  10. Any idea how much this service will cost from the toyota dealers for a 1.6 t-spirit.
  11. 36 mpg on normal roads on my 1.6 t-spiriit.
  12. had mine done from central auto tints near the blues ground for £160. also theres a place called quicksilver wich charge £200-250
  13. And there was me with my £1300 sat nav/dvd/mp3 install thinking i had a nice alarm to protect it. Will i be able to get an alarm that works of the original key fob or will i have to get a sperate one fitted?
  14. looks like il be getting an alarm fitted then
  15. tried it and it does not set the alarm off
  16. how can i test it to see if it works of the door?
  17. iv tried all the tests and the alarm is still not going off. Is it possible that an alarm is not fitted? does an alarm come standard on all t-spirits? The central locking however does work and the security light does flash.
  18. how do i check if the alarm is working on my tspirit(02)? i have tried setting the alarm and leaving the windows open then putting my hand through. it does not go off. iv had my car 2 months and not heard the alarm once. im wondering if it even works. any ideas?
  19. i have recently purchased mt corolla t-spirit(02). It is now coming up to its 60,0000 service. What would i have to change and how much would toyota charge for a full service?
  20. When i am driving my corolla t-spirit i get a rattling noise from the rear passenger side. After reading other posts in this forum i thought it was from the parcel shelf fiiting. I padded this but am still getting the rattling which is very annoying. I drove it with the shelf off and i still get the noise so it is not coming from there. However, i have noticed when the boot is open the noise disapears but when i close it it returns. As I dont fancy driving round with the boot open what else could it be? Any ideas? I dont think it is coming from the number plate.
  21. I was told by a friend that you can also upgrade your factory fitted alarm. This would give you extras like windows closing when alarm activated, better siren and microwave sensors. This all still works of the original key so you dont have to have an extra fob. I think i will go for this option as it is cost efficient and saves having the extra fob.
  22. My t-spirit(o2 plate) i sall standard. What is the standard alarm like? does it have sensors etc? What other functions does it have? is it a reliable alarm or should i change it to a cat 1?
  23. so at what mileage should i change the timing chain? or should i wait for my 60,000 service?
  24. i have a petrol. what do you mean by chain?
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