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  1. anyone after a timing belt for a ss3. original part. hard to source. pm me for details.
  2. Thanks lads. After many hours trying to find some info out, I have had many prices from £27.00 upto £170 from some guys in Essex. I have decided to order one from Toyota as that is the only way i know it will be the right one. Total cost is £118 so not that bad really for a main dealer. Thanks again for your help.
  3. Hi lads/lasses. I have a Beams powered ss111. The water pump has gone. Do any of you know the part number or know if they changed it for this model. I am asking as the standard cambelt does not fit. As you lot know the car is vvti so has been changed to accomidate this, but have toyota changed the water pump aswell??????? You input would be greatfully accepted. Also where can i get one from.
  4. Cheers for the info lads, I can't be driving around with a set of 15's on can I. But if anyone has some 16's i may be interested. I did have a set of 18's on for a while but hated the ride, but they sure did look fine.
  5. Hi lads, I amlooking for an original set of alloys for my imported gen 6. It is a 1998 ss111 with BEAMS :D . I purchased the car a couple of years ago and understood the wheels to be original. However i have since found out they are from a scooby. Any ideas what size the originals should be and has anyone got any thet want to offload to me.
  6. cheers chaps, thats what i was thinking. If i never come onto this sight i would not know what i was driving in any case.
  7. Alright fellas, happy new year to you all!! Right, my insurance is up on the 27th. I have previously insured my car as a 2.0ltr gt (as stated on the logbook). My dilema is, I know mt car is a SS111, when looking for quotes it is about £300 pound more to insure a ss111 than a 2.0ltr gt. Do i insure it for what it is a ss111 or Do i insure it as the logbook states a 2.0ltr gt. Your advice whould be very much appreciated
  8. back for sale, someone decided to send a cheque via oz lol £400 OVNO
  9. I have got a spare cambelt for the redtop, let me know if you need one. There not to easy to find and not cheap i paid £150 for mine.
  10. Hi chaps come across this photo earlier, realy like the rear visor Where can i get one anyone know.
  11. have a look in the section above. Celica manuals pinned. it is there.
  12. Hi chaps, lookin for some centre caps for alloys, 60mm in Black any ideas. Seen some stick on ones on ebay look abit naff though.
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