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  1. Happy Birthday lewo_rolla!

  2. as far as i know, it should be a straight swap.. some little crashed e11's converted to zze112 in turkey easily.. you need, bumper, headlamps, front grill, bonnet, side fenders.. front panel (behind the bumper) is the same betweeen them.
  3. Was your car warm enough? Sometimes 2zzge engine can do cutoff before 8200, because of not to be warm yet :)
  4. yes, 45mm catback is good. you have to gain your power back with that.
  5. Your 3rd gear's synchromesh is died. You need to change it.
  6. upps for 2E, if i were you i'll do it 45mm, no more :)
  7. what's your engine? for 4afe 51mm is enough, over 51mm you'll loose power because of your back-pressure. Your back-boxe's entrance diameter must be the same at that time also.. for 4age bt i'd prefer 57mm.
  8. Hi Vasilis, i only know that, Toyota doesn't have any 6 speed gearbox for 4wd vehicles .. And you don't have to use Celica's rear driveshaft, you can use AE114 or AE115 Corolla's rear driveshaft also as direct-fit. AE95-105 too you already know that.
  9. They're PSA groups engines. BMW will make "new" engines for Toyota ;)
  10. nice project mate :) and also wanted to know , what's the brand of these wheels? http://pic60.picturetrail.com/VOL1678/8693524/16102369/248429058.jpg
  11. it's looking like a kind of cd changer socket.. does it has any sign of producer of it?
  12. in september and march, twice in a year.. for winter for summer :)
  13. i think, you are missing something in your question mate. is your question about 02 plate corolla's middle muffler fits on to 04 plate corolla? am i right? if it like that, yes it'll fit. there is no difference between them
  14. hi all. we need the ecu pinout diagram of 3zzfe engine for connecting greddy e-manage. we are getting turboed zze112 saloon soon. is anybody has the pinout chart?
  15. i wonder that can we use T22 Avensis or T19 Carina/Corona springs on our 94 AT200 Celica? is it possible? if it's, which springs should we use. In Turkey it's too hard to find T20 Celica springs, but we can find T19 or T22 springs much more easily. Thanks
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