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  1. I'm about to fit a Panasonic radio/CD head unit to my Yaris. Is anyone able to provide some advice (be it directly or recommending a website / book) on how to remove the centre section of the dash board to allow me to fit my unit. I guess there are hidden screws somewhere? Any help would be appreciated. Stu
  2. Hi Steve, Thanks for the reply. I don't want a full on sound system, just the luxury of a CD player, therefore I will be sticking with the standard speakers. Having read other comments on the forum, I might consider fitting some rear speakers at some point. I take it with the radio/cassette disconnected the digital display will still show time, temperarure and the fuel MPG? Are you able to point me in the direction of somewhere I could get some instructions on taking the dash apart to remove the blank and fit the stereo, indeed you may be able tell me, if you can it would be much appreciated. For now, I'll wait on your reply, as going to my local dealer and shelling out £300 sticks a lump in my throat for several reasons. 1) Cost, 2) It's not really what I want. As I live in Worcestershire, i'm thinking of popping over to Bourton-on-the-Water this Sunday. Cheers, Stu :D
  3. Hi There So glad I have found the TOC. Just about despared today. I have a 2000 Yaris 1.0 GS, and have recently decided to fit a CD player/radio head unit in the space conveniently located under the standard tape deck (which has never been used). Speaking to a local shop 10 days ago, I was left with impression this could be a doddle. With no Haynes manual available, when speaking with my dealer (on another matter) I asked if there were any instructions available for fitting one. This is where I start to see, I'm not alone. I was told Toyota don't release the information due to 'product liabilty' & furthermore I could only fit a Toyota one. I'd got an accessory list at home from when we first chose our motor (i.e. 3 years old) and wasn't expecting a cheap price, but was somewhat shocked at £302 (supplied & fitted) for the single disc unit! Gulp!! A little more expensive than you're average Sony headunit for example. However having read all your comments I am feeling much more confident. It appears all I need is my chosen unit and the ISO adaptor (?). Any further comments/suggestions/help (delete as appropriate) would be appreciated. Good to know, we're all heading in the same direction. Catch ya later, Stu.
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