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  1. Just a Quick reply to this i had the same problem with the gen 6 import. With mine has a separate fog light wired separatly which works fine the bulb in the foglight was corroded so changed that and the light went out on the dash. Only then i press the brake pedal the light came on Now my celica still has the 4 brake lights the problem was that the centre brake light had a loose connection fixed that now all is fine no light on at all. Could be that changing to the single brake lights might be causing this. As mine is all fine now with the 4 brake lights. Could be worth putting the 4 brake lights back and fitting a aftermarket fog As that light annoyed me for days Hope this helps
  2. All the lights work as they should think i'll leave it not doing any harm just wanted to know what it was.
  3. Hi checked lights on back of car there are 4 red lights on all the time 2 each side is this right. Or should it be 1 each side with brake lights not sure on this one.
  4. Hi All I have been away for a while but im now back with a new celica need some advice as i have never had this model before. The car i have is a Toyota Celica ST202 1994 (L) reg 103,000KM (not miles) Auto transmision.2.0l Jap Import. The problem i am having is with the auto transmision there are a few settings on there and i dont know what to set them on i'll tell you about whats happened so far. I Purchased the car from nottingham on thursday put £30 of petrol in to get me home to newcastle just under 200 miles. Now with it being dark and wanting to get home i just put it in drive and left it that way all the way home when i arrived home i still had 1/4 tank of petrol Great i thought. Next day got up and went to the garage and put in £15.00 of petrol that took the guage to 1/2 full now the problem i have is that ive only covered 55KM urban driving around town and to work and its nearly all gone again. Now i have noticed that there is 3 buttons there is a MAN Button PWR Button And Overdrive button on the gearstick its self. Now i think the man button keeps it in the same gear till you press it again power button will give you like a sports mode feature. Overdrive im not to sure on but when i press this button the rev counter seems to go right down should this button only be used like on motorways and long journeys or can it be used around town . All i need is the best set up for town driving and motorway driving to get the most of the petrol. Also there is a light contantly on the dashboard it a orange light car shape with six lines at the bottom 3 at each side was wondering what this was as i cant turn it off. Any help would and advise would most gratefull Sephton19661 (martin)
  5. Hi could anyone tel me how to get to the inerior light to change it the celica in question is a gen 6 (94) Model the problem i am having is that the light is in the electric sunroof. Hope there is a easy way to get to it Many thanks Martin
  6. Hi Hope someone can help me with this. What i need are the plastic surround that goes round the radio heater controls fo a celica gen 6 (93) model jap import. Also the screws that fit the plastic boot panel the rear of the boot not the side parts as mine is loose and has about all of them missing. Any help with these and a price would be great Cheers Martin
  7. Pleased your ok Talking of diesel this made me over 3 hours late for work the other day pleased no one hit it at speed.. http://icnewcastle.icnetwork.co.uk/thejour...-name_page.html
  8. Well its nearly winter so i have decided to put the celica away for the winter period as not to spoil it. Was looking a bit rough weather wasnt doing it any favours just washed and polished her this morning looking much better and have tucked her away to bed for the winter is there any precautions i need to do i have left the hand brake off so it dosnt sieze on the car is in a warm garage i will start her up 2 or 3 times a week and will also be changing the heater matrix over the winter was hell not having a heater was freezing. Just bought my self a winter hack in the form of a saab 900 2.3 so will be driving that for a few months. If there is anything i need to know about storing a celica any advice would be great..
  9. Blunkett has just released the following statement: ... . ... .. .... ... .. .... .. . . . ..... .. . ... . ... .... . . . .... . . . . . . ... . ... . . . . . . . . . .. .... . . . .. . . .. . ..... ... . .... . ..... . . . . .... ... . . .... ....... . ...... . .... .. . ...... ..... . ...... . . . ......... .. . . ..... ... ........ .. ........ .. ... . ... .. .... ... .. .... .. . . . ..... .. . ... . ... .... . . . .... . . . . . . ... . ... . . . . . . . . . .. .... . . . .. . . .. . ..... ... . .... . ..... . . . . .... ... . . . ... ....... . ...... . .... .. . ...... ..... . ...... . . . ......... .. . . ..... . ........ .. ........ ..... . . .. .. .... ... .. .... .. . . . ..... .. . ... . ... :D
  10. Is this laptop any good ive put on my shortlist HP Compaq Business Notebook nx6125
  11. this is what i will be using my laptop for it will be my main machine i will be using it for work for e-mails spreadsheets and just general office work. But it will be my home machine aswell and i like to play the odd game or 2 when i have some spare time and also make mp3's for my car stereo. after a great deal of looking found nothing yet but would like one with a AMD Turion 64 mobile technology ML-34 1.8 GHz - 64-bit 128mb graphics or above 512 ram or above not bothered about size of hard drive but can find laptops with one or 2 of them specs but not all 3 either 1 or 2 of the specs is missing. didnt think it would be this hard to find a laptop but i dont want to buy rubbish and redret it later.
  12. looked at that one good ram but not to sure about the processor or the graphics and no bluetooth
  13. great well i will look at hp already looked at the toshiba and not to impressed with the specs from pc world so looks like i'll go for the hp
  14. This is what the insurance offered me but i sadly declined it as it was going to take 28 working days to deliver to me . Ive already been without my laptop now for 1 month need one for work. HP Compaq Business Notebook nx6125 Seems ok i would have accepted it if it wasnt for the wait but looked at the laptops on sale at all them shops and none are as good as that for the price. the website the guy on the phone give me was www.pcwb.com and told me to search for hpnb0351 and the above laptop came up he also told me to go to pc world and i could possibly get that one from the store.
  15. Forgot to say i can only go to pc world dixons the link or currys as i have vouchers to spend there.
  16. After dropping my old laptop (compaq presario 900) The insurance company have decided to let me have a new one up to the value of £750 Now what i need to know what will be the best one to get ive looked at some new laptops and it is all double dutch to me. I would like one with mobile technology also with a decent amount of memory and one that i could play games on. Any recomendations within the £750 price bracket would be great.
  17. That darn crazy frog gets everywhere
  18. Richard Dreyfuss & Roy Schiener beat shark attack
  19. Dont know if this is any good but looks like a good deal to me has anyone got one or seen one working.. http://www.speed-camera-detector.tsemedia....age/2356637.htm
  20. I think its a good idea but why not put it in for each model of car like put a separate section in celica supra mr2 etc etc.
  21. Got to be the Gen 5 but i still like the gen 6 wouldnt say no
  22. My cousin is Gary Connolly for those who dont know who he is he is a pro rugby league player. Has played for st helens, wigan, leeds also england international and british lions still playing the game with widnes. also met anna friel at stringfellows in london. And also went for a night out with craig bellamy ex newcastle united player great laugh and a nice bloke. He was out on the toon by himself when he 1st signed for newcastle and asked if he could join our company we said yes and he told us who he was but we didnt recognise him bought loads of rounds of drinks and had a great laugh but sure enough the next day he was in the papers. Thats about it..
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