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  1. Hi guys, I wana delete this account and make a completely new one. But I have no idea how. Help!
  2. thanks for the advise - but really not sure what u mean about the fasica thing. you mean i could put it in the tape player bit instead? how?
  3. i have the old kenwood in atm. which i put in i sized it up and the plastic attached to the dash gets in the way.
  4. Hi again, Well i got my wheels, new pics up soon. And I went to get my new head unit... It doesnt fit!!!! its too big I tried fitting it into the bit at the bottom at my dash where the custom ones meant to fit. But its too big to fit in. So I now need a new head unit... any ideas? Im wanting to spend around £250 and it has to have mp3. Ive also been told that if i got a DVD unit that the sound quality would be better. is this true|?
  5. Oh and I almost forgot - soon to be my new Number plate (21st Birthday present) L14 LVE :) Its my name, as you probably guessed - lol. I was going to go for the L14 TOC But i thought if i do ever change my car then it might seem abit strange.
  6. Hi guys. Hope everyones okay? Well I havent wrote on here for ages, due to being a poor poor student. And im happy to say.... Im getting some alloys today :D And a new headunit during the week!!! :D Well i wanted to go for something basic, and want a T-Sport look too. As I have a GS in green. So I have bought some 15"s 100+ Fusion alloys - cheap ones but I cant really afford anything else. But im really happy with what I've got. Link to alloys - http://www.topgear.co.uk/acatalog/Team_Dyn..._15_Special.php As for the head unit, Ive not bought a new one for a long time, as I have my b/f crappy old Kenwood. So yep, thats going to be updated too. Im getting a SeVic blue in dash dvd/mp3 player :D Link to headunit: http://www.motor-world.co.uk/show_prod.php...p;prod_id=12337 So this week is going to be an expensive week. But im happy to say its money well spent. Ill put up some pics of alloys and head unit later in week. Atm, I also have some Lexus lights on, and im not really liking them anymore. I would like to smoke them, but im really stuck on where to start with that - any ideas?
  7. Yeh I got mine off only to work out that the whole they fitted into is **** huge!!! - and every side repeater I tried on my car to replace them doest fit! so if anyone knows of any that do fit - please let me know!!! :D
  8. Side Skirts (3 Door) Kit for Toyota Yaris (>2002) Car zone with front T-Sport Bumper, and TTE Spolier so far.
  9. One thinks one should have gone into abit more depth about what one wanted i want different bits of different bodykits that I like, then put them on as a whole kit. So its really different :) I wanted the side skirts from on of the kits thats all. :)
  10. Hi, Found a good site, well i think anyway. There in Doncaster which is good for me :) Theres a nice body kit for my yaris but i wana know what you guys think? and could someone photoshop these wheels please? :) http://www.topgear.co.uk/acatalog/4x_15_In...50_15_tyres.php link to alloys http://www.topgear.co.uk/acatalog/Ibherdes...yota_Yaris.html http://www.topgear.co.uk/acatalog/Carzone_...yota_Yaris.html thanking you :P
  11. some nice things said thanks guys. But on the kinda same topic - whats your dream job?
  12. Thanks. I just want to be happy in life and doing photography makes me happy. If I have to do other things to get me where I want to be then so be it
  13. I am in that magazine because I have asked to be in it! (because of my photography portfolio) - I have also been asked to be in a Loaded DVD Promo and be in Max Power. Did I happen to mention that they are ran by a company called IPC Media - and because I now have modelling experience and contacts within IPC Media and they have seen my work - Im known to them and they are asking me to do work for them! As a photographer. So When im working for a huge ***** company both on set and off set with a sweet ***** Yaris, ill know how I got there! AT LEAST THIS IS A START! I want to be a director of photography - thats my dream job. But id settle for working for a nice company - I love moddings car, and going to car shows, and love photographing them. I just want some more experience in that area of photography :) Link to my online portfoilo - its abit old, and needs updating but its getting there. http://spaces.msn.com/liavspace/PersonalSpace.aspx?owner=1
  14. Hey Guys, Just to let you know im still alive, back at Uni until end of May. Then saving up for some alloys for car, and TTE Spolier Im in this weeks Nuts magazine so things are going good - and starting my 2nd year in Photography in September. So i was kindda hoping I could get to one of the meets, to do some serious pics of cars etc. Are there any regular meets? I from the Sheffield area.
  15. Hi peeps, Ive found some more wheels - as they have stopped the deal that i wanted :( could some spare me some time and photo shop these wheels on to me car. see link :) Thanks Here is the link to the wheels 15"s http://www.wheelbasedirect.co.uk/proddetail.asp?prod=ACE205
  16. Hi, Ive seen some Spax Lowering Springs for £94 from top gear performance. Except that theres another £100 on top just to fit them :o I think thats this is abit expensive, but, im almost sure that I read one you guys to them bought and had them fitted for £100. Anyone know where I could get them fitted abit cheaper? (they are going to be done after my 15"s are fitted, and the springs drop the car 40mm, stupid question but this wouldnt cause any problems would it?)
  17. Thanks Guys, there all great :D Im going to see if I can find any nice/cheap shadow chrome ones to see what they look like against the car. As I have gun metal wheel trims on now and they do look pretty good. But defo need alloys. So, ill find some out and see what you guys think Lia
  18. Hi Guys, Ive chosen the wheel I want, basic but great as there doing me free fitting :D Included in the price!! However I want to see what they look like on my car before I go out and get them. The link to my car is below. Can anyone put the wheels I want on my car through photoshop for me, pretty pretty please. Link to Wheels. http://www.topgear.co.uk/acatalog/4x_15_In..._Toyo_tyres.php Link to car is the first link in my signature - via photobucket.
  19. Hi Guys, Been away at uni since last September. But im now im back, and wanting to get some new shoes (Alloys) for my baby I have no idea where to start, I want tyres included in the price, and fitting, but dont mind paying extra for that. I would like a company to do it for me, really dont want to get them off ebay or something. I have around £300 pounds to spend, and would like some 15's. Not alot i know, but I know i can get something for that price, im sure. Anyway, does anyone know of any good companys, and what I need to do. Eg Ive heard about tyre spacing etc. As im a little confused about that. Please Help! Ps, I live in the Sheffield area.
  20. Lost is based on "Lord of the Files" its a novel and a film. However the other theory is that, (we got told this in auz) scientist on the island were doing experiements on the animals during in war etc. but i dont know much about this thoery.
  21. We watched most of it in Australia :D a few months ago and went extactic when it come out here, its such a good show.
  22. Hi all, does any know where I can get the LED air vents from? How to fit them? and how much they cost?
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