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  1. RN thats awesome miles you're racking up there, has the engine got rattlier as it gets older, I've done 15k and it's sounding like an old car, really noisy.
  2. Dickens..thanks for the post, but I really didn't want to hear that the new mounts haven't solved the noise and vibration in your car, I had high hopes that this would fix things for my noisy vibrating new Corolla when they're eventually fitted. Can I ask..did they say they replaced ALL the mounts, or just the back one,and did they say exactly WHAT the differences are in the mounts?
  3. Zbyni..there was a thread on the (USA) "known defects/solutions" forum of www.2003corolla.org that referred to the rubber composition of the engine mounts being too hard, and allowing noise and vibration to enter the cabin. Also it was mentioned to Gaz, by a dealer in UK that improved mounts are now available to improve noise and vibration. The last engine mount thread on this MB is here.. http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.p...=ST&f=4&t=4549& Hi Gaz, if you're reading this....did that Dealer end up fitting the new mounts for you ???? (Q.) (He said the engine mounts would be changed for a new modified type. The rear one was the worse, it causes vibrations and general engine noise to be relayed through the mount and into the cabin.)
  4. Sifowler..you need to get to the dealer soon. I'm feeling that any safety related issue, such as seatbelt abrasion Would ( or Should !) have the warning bells ringing at Toyota.... The abrasion damage to the seat should also be addressed of course... Tell us here if the dealer response is inappropriate, or unsatisfactory...
  5. ganyb


    So..can anyone confirm if you're still getting the "This call will be monitored (i.e recorded) for training purposes" message before you speak to your friendly Toyota Customer relations consultant ???? If so, perhaps you could invoke the Freedom of Information legislation you have in UK, to get a copy of that conversation, and send it to the media...someone such as AutoExpress. Write to the MD???...nice thought but as he actually manages the people who treated you so rudely, give me one reason why you believe he'd treat you any better.... Toyota seems to be much too big these days...they don't seem to "NEED" to care for individual customers anymore, perhaps forthcoming media scrutiny, or a drop in their J D Power customer service rating will eventually go some way to changing this attitude towards us, but don't hold your breath, given the experiences outlined on this board it appears to be part of the systemic culture of the company ! One last thought, always, even when they're being rude to you, treat the CR consultants with courtesy, and never fail to make a note of their NAME, and the TIME and DATE of your call. This is all so emotionally draining isn't it....hang in there, good luck everyone.
  6. Thanks for the explanation Andy. Getting info like that from Toyota is like drawing hens teeth...cheers mate.
  7. Really sorry to hear of all your woes, you've had a terrible run. Take the time to carefully read this forum you are not alone.. there are many others abandoned by Toyota here, but media and press involvement is the answer. I'm interested in the vvti "controller"...what is it??..how much did it cost you ??...did it fix the tappety noise?? there are many noisy vvti Corollas here too.. Good luck Andy you're amongst friends here....
  8. PI100..given the horrendous cost of a gearbox rebuild, you should have the gearbox oil changed as soon as possible. Make sure it is hot and keep a sample of around 200mls, in a sealed bottle. Castrol, used to, and I'm sure still do, offer an oil analysis service, it fully analyses the oil for contamination etc, and then sends you a comprehensive written report. It was not too expensive, and I used to use it for engine oil changes on a Volvo F7 I was looking after. Your gearbox is probably OK if you now have no extra whining, or selection problems but you do need to get rid of metal swarf that'll cause wear and synchro issues down the track...do the Castrol thing.
  9. Rhaines...this is so logical, with fair and balanced moderation such as we have here, TGB, and all other T Nationals have nothing to lose and everything to gain by being totally "out there" with complaints queries and questions on this MB. Gaz has been especially tenacious, and has expended so much emotional energy just trying to get TGB to remedy the faults in the product they sold him, he, and the rest of us shouldn't have to go through all this trauma just to get our cars to work the way they should've in the first place. So how about it Toyota, we're not "Really Scary People" we're just folk who in days gone by, were called Valued customers.. Rhaines has thrown down the gauntlet, how about accepting the challenge.....????
  10. The Yanks have got the same problem...Just checked out the American "Defects/Solutions" Forum at www.2003Corolla.org, and this was posted a couple of weeks back.... "My car is almost a year old now. I got it last Sep, so I didn't use the the air conditioner a lot. I have noticed my problem about 1 month ago. I seldom take road trips. For the first road trip, the A/C went dead after 2 hours of continous driving (95F outside). There is just no air flow thru the vent even I crank up the the air volume. yesterday, about 90F, same problem happend. After 1.5hrs of drving, the AC just stopped working. Anyone has this problem? should I take it to the dealer?" I'll bet it's yet another Corolla cost cutting measure gone seriously wrong, along with all the other design faults discussed previously on this forum..
  11. Assuming you're in UK, support Gaz's initiative (see the AutoExpress thread below) and email the guy at james_baggott@dennis.co.uk and tell him about it...dont let Toyota get off lightly !!!
  12. Really sorry to hear of this roy-c, we've had many threads concerning sub-standard shoddy design and assembly problems with the new Corolla, but I think this is the first concerning one issue that is, or used to be, very close to Toyotas heart...RELIABILITY. I'm sure you're very aware of how serious, and potentially dangerous your problem is, please keep us posted as things progress, I'm particularly interested in EXACTLY what the problem is, and the level of proactivity, and support your Dealer gives you as the repair progresses.....
  13. Onya Gaz....they may not post, but at 33 views they sure are looking...!!!
  14. I tried to think how I'd describe my noisy new Corolla....and here it all is courtesy of ..... http://www.epinions.com/content_75331571332 I test drove a Hyundai Elantra and then went to a Toyota Dealer. Given how the HYundai drove, I expected th Toyota to be at least as good if not much better. So I sat and discussed price even before a test drive (mistake!). We settled at $17100 including tax (NY) for an LE. I then decided to test drive. Being a 93 camry owner, I was expecting a much more refined version of the hyundai. The first car was LOUD!. The sales man said that this was an anomaly and suggested we take another one out. This one is not as loud, but it vibrates as you accelerate through different RPMs. As you accelerate through 1st gear (automatic), you can hear vibrations in different parts of the car based on your RPM. The center console has vibrations at low RPM and 1st gear. The dash near the windshield vibrates at high RPM (only 4500!). If new cars vibrate so much, I can only imagine what it will be like after a year of ownership!? Engine noise is rather high. The tall roof line will also give high wind noise at reasonable speeds (65-75mph). Not to mention that it will catch side winds. The seats were also not nearly as supportive to the lower back as the Hyundai was. Overall, not enough power for the weight of the car, not enough features for the price, not enough warantee for the price. Hyundai ELantra beat this hands down. Recommended No
  15. Gaz, we did a 120 mile trip on the weekend, and I drove all the way (it's the wifes car). I can only continue to describe it as very HARSH... the engine noise, and road roar is incredible, esp when cruising at 100kmh (the aussie limit). I was also getting high frequency vibrations, coming and going between 80 and 100kms, not a wheel imbalance, as it was happening at different speeds each time. This was weird though.. we started off with about a third of a tank, and as the tank went down the vibration gradually got better, I ran it down to the warning light, filled up, and then the vibration was back as bad as ever... It seems sensitive to weight in the back, I noticed this some months ago with two passengers in the back, but thought I was imagining things..it's a Jan 02 build, I'm hoping they retorqued the back hubs before delivering it to me as per the TSB for that build?? I'm trying really hard to like this car, and not complain too much but it's an uphill battle, it is very underdeveloped, and I thoroughly resent paying a lot of money just to be Toyotas guinea pig, they should try EXTRA hard to fix things in a new model, not just stonewall me (us) by saying "they're all the same" how weak is that !!. These Corolla problems are Global, you're in UK, I'm in Oz, cars built out of different factories having the same or similar problems, the Americans are the same with the USA built cars, and judging by their boards they're very unhappy too. We are in a difficult situation here in Australia, we have very little redress, other than Toyotas warranty, if they dont fix it you're stuck with the problem...I'm very envious of the UK and USA 'lemon laws", wish we had them here.. Sorry for the long ramble, good to get it off my chest tho'..
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