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  1. Hey there. Im having a loud humming noise from my gen 5 whenever I start her up and turn the wheels every morning. It gets pretty loud when I put the wheels on full lock. It seems to calm down and disappear after a few minuted driving. PAS leak? What type of steering fluid does the gen5 take? Cheers.
  2. Iv'e got a similar problem with eratic idle. How do you clean out the idle control valve? Would putting redex in the fuel tank cause any problems??
  3. Now you're just boasting :censor:
  4. Have you got a cold air feed coming into that box? Also, how have you bolted it into your car? You've got a piece of engine I haven't got!!
  5. blw

    Gt4 Bonnet

    What could I do to counter that? My girlfriend's mum threw out my airbox when I put my induction kit on.
  6. blw

    Gt4 Bonnet

    I know it would probably really annoy some of you GT4 owners, but does anyone know where I can get a gen5 GT4 bonnet to put on my GTR? I've got an inducation kit, but nowhere to put a cold air feed, so my idea is to use a gt4 bonnet and use a hose from the air scoop. Any ideas? Would a gt4 bonnet fit a GT-R?
  7. blw

    Fitting Abs

    I have a gen5 GTR, with no ABS option. I was wondering if it would be possible to take the ABS unit off another gen5 and fit it to my car? How easy would it be, and would it be legal? Thanks.
  8. The sound is coming from under the dash somewhere. It sounds like a relay. What is the ACIS valve?
  9. I don't know if this is the same for all Gen 5s, but when I put my foot right down on the accelerator, I can hear a relay clicking, the same happens when I take my foot off the accelerator. It only happens at a certain point on the travel of the pedal, and at the same point on the way back up. What's causing this? Thanks!!
  10. I think the easiest thing to do is to buy a hang down type fog light with wiring and a switch. I ordered a hang down type from Protech(www.protech-uk.co.uk), a company based in Bristol, and it came to about £18 including delivery. I've got a space for a switch next to my gear stick, so i'll just run a couple of lines from the front fog switch to this switch, and then back to the hang down light. Providing I can get the dash off, it souldn't take THAT long.
  11. Well i've ordered a hang down type fog light. I'll try taking the dashboard off and fitting the switch and running the cable under the carpet throught the boot. I suppose I could run a line from the front fog live to the new switch for the rear, and use the front fog earth? If i use the feeds to the front fog switch before they enter the switch the rear should operate independantly shouldn't it? I've got to stick my replacment headlights on too.
  12. Finally got my car sorted, almost. After a new bearing, axle stub, ball joints, track rod, brake pads, 16" wheels and tyres and a set of headlights on the way, the car is almost ready to pass the MOT. Had the wheel alignment done today, and apparantly it was so bad it was off the scale. That explains the squealing tyres!! I now have to fit a rear fog light to the back, which is strange, as the car has been in the country for 7 years and has presumably passed 7 mots without one. How do I go about converting one of my brake lights to a fog light and connecting it to the dashboard?? Thankyou!!
  13. blw


    Just had a new wheel bearing and stub axle fitted to my gen5 gtr. Haven't been told the total price yet. Shoul I be worried? Anyone know the general prices for these parts? Thanks!!!
  14. Took my wheels off yesterday to put the new 16s on, and discovered i had a collapsed wheel bearing. Damn. Took it to the garage today, and I was told that the stub axle needed replacing too. DAMN. The only place they can get it from is from Toyota, so incredibly expensive. DAMN!!!!!!! AND.... its on the stands at the garage, immobile, so he's gonna use a forklift to get it out of the way. BL***Y *!@@@!!!!!!! Someone remind my again why I bought a Toyota??????
  15. Got my new 2nd hand alloys and tyres today, gonna stick 'em on tonight!! Daktari, what Triumph you got???
  16. They're Alessio Imola. They're pretty scuffed around the rims, and one of them has damage to the inside rim, which will probably require rebalancing. Have definately seen better days. With a respray should look fine. 10 spoke, so look HUGE on a Celica!!
  17. Think i've solved the problem, for now anyway. I've ordered some 16" alloys with tyres off ebay. This'll solve my worn tyre problem and hopefully put my wheel geometry closer to factory spec. Anyone interested in 4 17" alessio alloys??? Thanks for everyone's help!
  18. Thanks Daktari. I've emailed Fensport, but they need to know what size camber bolts I need. I've got 17" alloys and 15" disks. Any ideas?? Thanks again!
  19. I don't think the suspension is lowered, the wheels are 17", so Im thinking if it was lowered it would be rubbing the wheel arches. Can the camber be set by a garage on the Gen5? I've gotta feeling that the camber is very negative to be causing such uneven waering. The outsides of the tyres are almost like new. Would this cause the car to shudder when braking? Ta!
  20. I was thinking of doing all of them. I may not have to now tho!! I was driving home from work last nite, n my front pass side wheel started squeeling. The insides of both front tyres were worn down to the canvas!!! Looks like my tracking is well out, so new tyres and allignment should sort the problem out. Hopefully. Any thoughts??? Cheers.
  21. blw

    Mixin' Alloys

    My car has recently started shuddering when i reach about 40 mph. I checked my wheels, and it looks like a chunk of one of my back alloys has come off. :!Removed!: So, i bought another alloy off ebay, with the same dimensions, but a slightly different design (alessio imola and alessio fusion). Is this illegal, seeing as the spokes are slightly different between models, and will it pass the MOT like this? Cheers!
  22. Thankyou, glad to be here!! The car has been pulling to the right and juddering since I bought it 2 months ago. Ordered the manual off amazon earlier, and going to replace the disks sat hopefully. Anyone know the standard disk sizes?
  23. 258? That sounds closer to spec. I've got 17" alloys on the car, but I don't know if that would mean it's had disk upgrades. The car pulls to the right, so I've permanently got the steering wheel turned about 20 degrees to the left to compensate. Is this related??? TA!!
  24. Hello everyone!! I've got my MOT coming up, so instead of spending hundreds of quids getting a garage to do my work, I'm gonna do it myself. My brake disks need replacing, as the car shudders when I press the brake, so guessing they're warped. I've measured my front disks, and they are 277 x 25. I thought the GT-R was supposed to have 255 x 25??? The 277s are GT4 disks are they not? Is the JDM Gen 5 supposed to have GT4 disks at the front and standard disks at the back? Any help would be much appreciated! Cheers.
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