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  1. popwud

    Got My 4x4

    popwud, What version of C-RV did you buy the Petrol VTEC or i-CDTI..... Should be as bullet proof as the Toyota's and the rear door opens fully Hope you enjoy your 4x4 experiance....... Its the petrol one.....vtec came in the year after the one I have....met someone who had just bought a t-reg cr-v with 175k miles, mine has 55k......I really do like driving this 4x4, I wont be doing much off road apart from camping on fields and the occasional horse show.... :) I certianly will bob king.....and thanks for the unbiased interest, this is foruming (if thats a proper word) at its best. I have enjoyed the TOC forums and met a few of you, I've also contributed a little and read a lot....there are some very nice and knowledgeable people belonging to this forum I hope I find the same on a Nissan site.
  2. popwud

    Got My 4x4

    No problem here XT2......as I see it, I realy liked the ride and feel of the x-trail, the rav4 felt like a car on stilts, you sit shoulder to shoulder, the cr-v feels wider inside the cab and driving it is probably a bit softer than the rav4 which I liked but the crv is the cheapest to maintain and run according to all the write ups Ive read.....its permanently front wheel drive until the rear is needed making it economical....
  3. Good luck with charity Angel and the tandem jump......I started parachuting for a charity in the 80s and continued untill the money ran out, freefalling and also packing my own shutes....Langar airfield.
  4. popwud

    Got My 4x4

    Letting you know.......
  5. popwud

    Got My 4x4

    After test riding Nissans, Toyotas and Hondas I have finaly made my choice its a CR-V the comfort and ride is second to none.....although they dont smile a lot at Honda but the deal I got was fantastic....
  6. popwud

    Newbie Here

    Welcome jules ....at least you made your mind up and got one. B)
  7. Just recently when engine warmed up and under load I get a light tapping or ticking....as tho to my untrained ear like tappits.....a bit like bending a pack of cards and running them through our thumbs....does that make sense.....it isnt loud but once it starts a little throttle brings it on.....is it anything to worry about...the last job done on it was a coil pack on no.2. Appreciate any comments serious or funny. :D
  8. Nice one phil.....I had a metallic blue sr same reg same wheels.....I prefered it to the one I have now.
  9. He supercharged £20,000? Never heard of that, is it a difficult process? It's grammer kev...I cant spell either.....although that looks ok. Nice one slugger .....I thought of plumbing on the bike but until they have fly-by-wire water hoses I'll give it a miss.
  10. Welcome slugger.....sorry to hear the standard busa was'nt fast enough for you.....but hey one of our guys supercharged a gsx1400 + £20,000 + other upgrades.....you certainly have to have the tech knowledge to do that kind of stuff....I'd like to see some pics of your projects though.
  11. Upgrading or replacing bulbs......would'nt like to do it on a dark country lane......but getting some info from the people that know it should be easier.....I will give it a go in the morning (cant spell tomorrow).....thanks Dawesy.
  12. popwud


    Absolutely...it pays to shop around for whatever you are after....tyres,servicing, insurance etc.
  13. The TNS 200 must be an older version the one I have is TNS 300.
  14. Thanks for the the info treuno .....It's just that when I had the tracking done by a lazer machine they could'nt find the code for the car. :(
  15. Hilux forum - - -MX5 stuck in my undercarriage. How do I safely remove it? (pics) Like that one. :D
  16. Thanks baz.....thats me sorted for that one.......appreciate your thoughts and views on the car.
  17. I have the motorola v550....but I don't know if it picks radio up.....I got it purely for its quad band. A little hijack of knowlson's thread but anyone know how to transfer pics from v550 phone to pc. Back to you knowlson.
  18. Welcome baz .....how does the tourer differ from the hatch or estate or is it just a name change......like the idea, if any good I'm looking for something a bit bigger than the corolla I've got. :)
  19. Thanks black night.....but on the plate under the bonnet its got zz111 whats that for?
  20. My corolla is the vvti, sep 2000 xreg.....took it for a 4 wheel track and did'nt know what type to input into pc....the nearest we got was either 4zz or zz11 ish......any ideas anyone.
  21. Hiya raggy sorry to hear you gave the bike up...but you got the comfort now.....from a fellow biker 66 next and still biking.....but love the car also. :)
  22. Theres not many contact points on a parcel shelf....where it clips to the rear seat have you tried putting insulating tape round the lug.
  23. Is that a serious question pb5.....never heard of that before......but what would make the other tyres wear at different rates evenly.
  24. Thanks....all answers taken on board.....bikes big enough to take everyone for a ride. :)
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