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  1. I hate uneven roads. Ive hit a sucken drain before, and yes it knacked my wheel. Some speed ramps are impossible to drive over square on, and i shudder everytime i have to go over one. why cant they make them smooth to drove over, ive also come close to grounding on a speed hump in my dads car. I would take a claim against them. Also my mothers vitara was scraped by a council bin waggon, my mum heard the noise and ran outside, as she did the bin waggon was driving off making a gettaway, she chased them down the street in the car. there was smoke coming from her lol. She claimed and got the damage repaired with the council footing the 2k bill
  2. MR2vince

    Decat Fitting

    also depending on the cars year its exsempt from emisions testing on your MOT, so you shouldnt have to swap back to your CAT for testing My car a 1990 so doesnt get tested. Ive just bought a decat and will be fitting it to my N/A when i exchange the flexi section sometime this weekend vince
  3. I love it when people look after there vehicles they are lot more to people than just cars. Also i find it oustanding that these fairly old Jap cars still look like new, and some are in better knick than most new cars. My 2 is 16yrs this year, and she still looks stunning and still never fails to turn heads
  4. hmm, had a look in the threads, and from what i can make out my car is a rev1, as the front lip is the same. I bought my car with 16" wheels so cant tell by that and i have aftermarket brakes which also came fitted when i bought it. Does that meen that with it being a rev1 it has a smaller engine? As i was lead to believe it had around 160bhp?? As you can tell im not up on cars in a mechanical engine type of way, my bag is electrics. Also my car dosent have PAS, give a good road feel i think, but the cars a !Removed! in wet conditions, and you have to be alert to say the least. No prangs yet though lol
  5. My car has a front lip but its not the same as whats on most MKII's and whats on your mams Mines a thin platistic thing? anybody know the part number for this front spoiler/spliter? Also chaps im starting to think that my car is a Rev1 as its 1990, but some features and the car point to the rev2? very confusing, how can you tell them apart? vince
  6. Is your mum a MILF? i bet she is with that little number lol. Out of interest guys how much would a full respray cost, my car is super white, but looking a little tired in places, specialy the front bumber, also my car doesnt have that front lip? where do i get one of those? vince
  7. Cheers ive managed to get a cap from Toyota, £10!!! Halford and motorworld dont stock caps for any toyota vehicle!! thanks again vince
  8. Does anybody know if the oil cap from another toyota fill fit the MKII? they cant be a different size for every car can they? vince
  9. Hey peeps again! My oil filler cap has worked loose and fell from the car, im now left without one!! Motor world dont sell em neither do halfrauds!! Where do i get one quick, as im not using the car without one, bad idea me thinks Nobody stocks oil filler caps for a 1990 MKII MR2!!! Discrace!! anybody know of a place
  10. Hey peeps long time no type. Have a problemo on my exhaust, mechanic says its a leak in the flexipipe section of the exhaust? Can you replace this or do you have to exchange the full front exhuast section? i believe all this is before the CAT? Also if ive been asked if its a single or twin front pipe? Little confused can anybody help me please?? Also am i right in thinking that cos my 2 is a 1990 i can have a decat fitted, and its exsempt from emissions testing on the MOT? vince
  11. Nobody from the Traffo cops, or the Met got back to me!! :censor: figures!!! vince
  12. MR2vince


    Im gussing its poped the fuse...........! If not then you make have done some damage
  13. Yeah mines painted blue, using High Temp Engine paint. I would only recommend using high temp paint
  14. I really like UV i have UV under my front scoop it looks da bomb (said in a 50cent style voice) When installing underbody lighting ect try to pick a colour that complements your car, contrasting colours can work but sometimes dont. EG: for a black car You want to be using deep saturates like Red, Blue, Purple(UV) Try to stick to one colour light throughout your car, other wise you might aswell don a spangly shirt and a mullet :D
  15. I have actully contacted the Met and the traffic devision today, and they are in the process of writing a piece for us outlining the law on car lighting in particular neons and the such like. I will post it when i have it. It may be an idea for admin or a mod to post it in an area where it can be accessed by everyone anytime for reference vin
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