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  1. Hi Guys, I have an iphone and have recently bought a kit to send its Ipod function through an FM transmitter and into the car speakers via the radio. It works great but there's a noise that gets higher pitched when the accelerator goes down. I think this might be due to some electrical interference. Any ideas fo how to solve this?? As always, much appreciated. James
  2. DrMR2

    Where To Sell

    Hi Guys, Have finally decided to sell the Mr2. Could you give me any ideas where the best places are to advertise apart from the obvious 'autotrader' and such? The car is a stunning example and going to be missed. Thanks, James
  3. DrMR2


    Cheers Guys, will get right on with it
  4. DrMR2


    Hi Dudes, I was thinking about doing a service on the car (M reg mk2 rev 3 NA) and was wondering what kinds of things i need to get, whether i need the Haynes manual and generally how much it would cost. At the moment, i am thinking of buying: Spark plugs Spark plug leads Filters (Air, Fuel, Oil) New semi-synthetic oil Any other ideas/suggestions warmly welcomed. J
  5. DrMR2

    The Going Rate

    Hi Guys, I am soon to be qualified and will upgrade my car when i have sufficient funds. I was just wondering what my car is worth, can anyone give me some sort of idea? M Reg Mk2 rev 3 2.0l GTi 16V 1 previous lady owner FTSH Completely unmodified from new, as per factory 83,000 miles on the clock Great condition Full MOT, only windscreen chip noted for optional work. Cheers chaps, J
  6. DrMR2

    Tyre Pressures

    Hi Guys, I have a mk2 rev3 MR2 and was wondering if someone could tell me what the recommended tyre pressures are for the standard 15" wheels. Cheers dudes, J
  7. DrMR2

    Tyre Sizes

    As we are on the topic of tyres, what pressures do you use guys use? I have mk2 rev3 with standard wheels and need to put some air in, but unsure of optimum amount of psi needed! Any guidance gratefully received!! J
  8. Hi Guys, This might seem a bit of a 'dumb-*****' question, but whats with the idea of colouring the bonnet black? I have seen this on a few cars now, is there a certain effect i am missing?? Cheers J
  9. DrMR2

    Mr2 Insurance

    Cheers guys, My cheapest so far is a cool £280 fully comp with Admiral, i am well chuffed!! (28, full NCB)
  10. DrMR2

    Mr2 Insurance

    Hi Guys, It has come to the time of year when insurance is up for renewal. This previous year i have been with Direct Line as they provided me with the cheapest quote and i was new to the car (just wanted to drive it as quickly as possible!). Now i have had it a year and have more time to search for better quotes, i was wondering if there is a good broker or company that you guys go with. If so, could you provide me some details so i can get a quote? The car is N/A. Cheers, J
  11. DrMR2

    Gleaming Alloys

    Cheers Guys, I ended up buying some 'wonder wheels' stuff from the local Halfords. It has brought the wheels up to nearly new! I am well impressed! As you guys mentioned, after cleaning them i poished them to make it easier to remove next time i have the incentive to clean her. J
  12. DrMR2

    Gleaming Alloys

    Pink stuff that hurts your eyes??? Sounds like a pink version of some industrial acid! Was it invented for female scientists? I have only been using basic cleaning stuff, eg Mer. Nothing dedicated to the wheels. Thought i would try and find the best stuff from you guys rather than spending cash on something that doesnt work! Might give the Autoglym wheels stuff a go then. Cheers mate.
  13. DrMR2

    Gleaming Alloys

    Hi Guys, The sun was out in full force today and while the car was in the shade, i thought i would give her a wash. It has been a while since i have cleaned her and the bodywork looks fab! When i came to doing the wheels though, there seems to be a black substance in between the spokes that has beaten all my cleaners and methods of removing it. I presume this is caked on brake dust and other unhelpful substances collected through driving. Do you guys know of any decent cleaners of brushes that i could use to bring back the shiny alloy look (if possible at this late stage!?!?) Any tips would be great Cheers, J
  14. DrMR2

    Right Wheel Noise

    I was wondering if i replaced the front brake pads, would this help reduce the chance of the caliper seizing again? I presume that the piston rod had come out quite a way through low pads, then water got in, rusted and seized. Just thinking if this is worth doing or not? Not sure on the brake pad status, better get the wheel off and check.
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