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  1. Thats reassuring to hear about the catloc, no matter what I think i will be getting one fitted when i get the car back. Scumbags...absolute scumbags preying on people at hospital car parks. This Prius+ is my 5th Toyota/Lexus and I love them, thats why i have no intention on jumping because of these scabs of society.
  2. Problem with the Prius+ is it can’t really be disguised, as there are no variations that are non hybrids.
  3. Auris HSD just doesnt hold their values well I'm afraid as I owned one and knew what it lost in value. Since this is the first time I experienced this little problem I just dont have the desire to jump, yet.
  4. Car makers do need to make the design such that at least, to the common scum, would find it even slightly challenging to attempt such a thing. Same thing with keyless entries, these both technologies are costly things, and thus needs a better suited level of protection. But saying that, I would rather somehow solving this problem at the end point where these low life get their rewards for their "work". Scrappies and or unscrupulous garages where they accept these clearly stolen parts, would be punished heavily for paying out for them. I have no intention on changing my car in reaction to these lowest of low pond scums, and if all i can do is to slow them down a little bit and make it more difficult, then so be it. Of course, if this really turns out to be a persistent issue, I might just have to admit defeat, but to sway my life to dodge these diseased pus of individuals, I find that to be even harder to swallow than to change my car.
  5. It was recovered by the insurance company as I was told that it would have been illegal to drive. I knew of the potential risks before buying the car, but like all of these things I just didn't think it would happen to me. The premium will of course go up but what can one really do except do what I can (i.e install Catloc).
  6. I literally swapped a Ford S Max to a Prius+ just before the lock down happened because the Ford averaged 24MPG during my ownership. I thought this Prius was going to save me money in the long run, but yeah this car may cost me dear if this is a persistent problem.
  7. Hi all, Left the car in a private car park today to go to the park with the family, our first outing for more than 3 months as a family and all was well and fun filled until we returned back to the car. Reveresed the car back out of the space and can hear metal scraping on the ground, and I just knew then that some scumbag no good for nothing amoeba has stolen the cat. Lo and behold, i find 4 bolts and a couple of springs left on the spot where the cat would have been, they had the time to undo it properly and not having to use cutters to do the job. This will leave me 400 pounds out of pocket for insurance and I am here to warn you all that this lowest and easiest of crimes are alive and well. And incase the thieves are sadistic enough to be reading these forums, you have left someone with 5 mouths to feed with 400 pounds less to spend at a time we are not earning a single penny of income. I hope you are happy. Keep vigilant folks, and I shall be investing in a catloc when i get the car back.
  8. Well, after much searching and negotiation I have jumped ship and gone back to Honda. Got myself an Accord 2.4 saloon, the boot in these turns out to be good enough. Had an Accord before the Auris and have always missed that car, this Accord was a good deal against my Auris in partx, a bit high miles but a good car with all the whistles. It's a guzzler compared to the Auris, but got a years tax out of the deal and with four new tyres, new brake discs and pads all round, and zero balance against the Auris, the deal was right. Also refreshing to have a bit of power again! Anyway, I will check in these boards as I have done since 2005, no doubt will be crossing paths again :)
  9. Hi all, I currently own a HSD Auris T Spirit but am possibly looking for a new car due to the need for much more boot space, and the Avensis tourer is on the shortlist but I have a gripe/concern regarding the electric handbrake. Just wanted to gauge how reliable this system is and how has your Avensis tourer been in terms of reliability and load space? Any buying tips perhaps? I will be going for something less than 5 years old, and only petrol. Thank you in advance.
  10. Hi all, I have had my 2010 Auris HSD T Spirit for 2 years now and maybe time for a change due to now being a dad of a 10 month old and increasingly finding it difficult to accommodate all the loot that needs carrying whenever we go out, I am trying to keep an open mind on the kind of car to get, whether it be a SUV, MPV, Estate or a big hatchback. The only criteria is a NON diesel after such a bad experience with my T180 Auris a few years ago, I am looking for a petrol but leaning more toward another hybrid after being spoilt with not paying car tax and low running costs of the current Auris HSD. So, I am asking around here for any Hybrid Tourer owners for their opinions on their car, perhaps sharing any problems that you may have had and also how do you find the load space of the car? Thanks in advance.
  11. The LEDs are a straight swap. The Auris that you have has a different fitment for the rear tail light to the HSD Auris, if you are interested, its type 207 as opposed to 501. For info: Front side light - 501 Front fog - H11 Rear Brake - 955 (same as 501 fitment but much bigger and brighter) Rear tail Auris - 207 Rear tail Auris HSD - 501 As for the HID, sorry no knowledge on that at all.
  12. Here you go, but they dont really do them any justice.
  13. I have done the LED conversion to my Auris HSD, and I did this on my old T180 as well. Currently in my HSD I have brake, front side, back tail light, back number plate and front fog lights all using LEDs. It works very very well :) As for HID dipped... I am using a 5000k colour halogen bought from Hong Kong, they are called PolarG and are very white. Not a conversion as such, but its good enough without the hassle.
  14. My car had a faulty ignition coil due to water ingress into the cylinder, which in turn had caused misfiring. See my post here if you wish. http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/147465-ignition-coil-failure-from-water-ingress/
  15. I have these Japanese bulbs fitted called Polar G 5000k, they are very white and good amount of light. I bought mine from Hong Kong when I was over there, but have not tried looking for them over here. I bought them back in 2010 and they have been used in 2 vehicles now and still going, obviously good quality but a little expensive. I have tried Osram Night breaker which I thought was no good and they blew after only 1 year. Good luck.
  16. I too had a T Sport and then went for a T180 Auris, so I sort of understand your thought process :) What I will say about the T180/SR180 is that they sound better on paper, it was also the spec sheet that got my attention for the T180. It never felt that fast and the torque figure sounds impressive, but in real life the acceleration never had a wow factor. Certainly nothing like the 'Lift' of the T Sport (which I misses dearly). However, don't get me wrong, the T180 was swift enough but it never drove as nicely as my wife's Audi A3 TDI, both in speed and handling. The Auris felt like an elephant (lots of body roll) and the Audi like a cat, and I found Turbo lag an issue. As mentioned already do look out for DPF and head gasket issues, mine also consumed a fair bit of oil. I found the fuel economy ok, mine averaged 38mpg overall over 2 years.
  17. Kithmo, Thanks for the tip about sticking pads, but I do not believe I have that problem. I think I have pretty much all I need to feel more assured that I don't need new pads for now, unless someone else sees differently.
  18. Wass, The point of hybrids being easier on the braking system due to regenerative braking was EXACTLY what I used to make the point that I wanted a 2nd opinion to the dealer (Jemca Croydon), I simply could not believe that my car at 21k miles (of which 8k was under my ownership) needed new pads. I have read before and pointed out that Toyota uses this as a marketing selling point, that hybrids should require less physical braking with the friction discs, and I know that during my ownership at least, that the car have had a pretty easy life with gentle braking.
  19. Hi Timberwolf, The friction part is VERY close to the discs, which i assume is normal as thats how it appears in my wife's Audi also? Its rusty because I have just washed my car just before that pic was taken. As for the depth, surely you would be pretty much pushing it with 1mm left! But thanks for the info.
  20. Hi all, Just after a bit of advise please. My 2010 Auris HSD has done around 23k miles, at my last service I was told that I will be needing new brake pads but as always I just wanted to get a second opinion before I commit. So here is a pic of the depth left of the front pads, can anyone who is in the know (a mechie perhaps) give me an opinion on whether it needs changing imminently? Thanks in advance.
  21. I think it's misfiring. One of the ignition coils in the cylinder might not be working optimally and causing a rough engine at low speed only.
  22. Just spoken to Jemca and they have confirmed that there is a modification for the drainage part directly above the engine bay to stop water draining and collecting onto where the coils are. Thankfully they are able to look into my car today. Well done Jemca Croydon!
  23. Well, after a bit of a gentle persuasion with my local Jemca, they have decided to take the car off of me as the part duly arrived this afternoon. Speaking to the mechanic, he said that there might be a modified gutter and drainage for the car but wasn't too sure. It does appear to be a poor design on the drainage system.
  24. It is a 2010 Auris HSD. Basically it appears that the drainage hole directly drains water over onto where the coils are which is shielded by just the flappy engine cover, the coils themselves has a seal but evidently they didn't do its job.
  25. Last night whilst driving and setting off from a set of traffic lights, I felt a slight kick and thought I had wheel spin (VSC kicking in feels the same) but this persisted and developed into a vibration and noise. I investigated and visually checked the wheels, suspensions and joints and all seems fine and it turns out that it only happens when the petrol engine kicks in. I thought 'here we go' a mechanical problem has developed but there were no EML light or any other symptoms at all, not likely to be the Hybrid drivetrain as EV driving is just fine. I suspected that I lost a cylinder as I have experienced this previously in a Renault, but I just couldn't be sure. I called Club Toyota for assistance and promptly they sent me an AA man who agrees that it sounded like a cylinder misfire and went to investigate by checking out the ignition chambers one by one, lo and behold the below was what came out of chamber No.3 It should look like this: It seems like there is water ingress into the chamber from the water drainage gullies directly above the cylinder heads, the seals did not do their job and by the look of it, it looks like it has been a problem for a while. Worst thing is no Toyota near me can help quickly and I am stuck with a makeshift fix (insulation tape round the coil to stop it shorting) and it is going in on the 22nd May soonest to be fixed. I asked my local Jemca if the AA man could just come and get the part and fix it for me, but they said that this could be done but it would be outside of warranty and chargeable, which of course I didn't take up since the car is under warranty. Not sure if anyone else has had this problem, but this will serve as a heads up to you all.
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