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  1. My friend wish to buy this car model. What the drawbacks of this car? The only that I found is the room space. Is there any other one which I didn't found on the net? Thanks Alot and Best Regards
  2. Well I have 2 toyota's. I have made a spread sheets which calculates the mile per uk gallon or kilometres per litre. My vitz maked about 33mpg and my Hiace makes about 31. The milage will varies between summer and winter here in Malta and also in which kind of road when I drive if it is there heavey traffic or not. I calculated in this way. Enter the amount of kilometers in this spread sheet and the amount of litres. I always fill them up to the full. That's the best way to calculate.
  3. I'm askin if someone has tried this product on his Yaris or Vitz this kind of product the R-Vit Type I or Type II. An ebay supplier has told me that it will be ok for my car and alot of fun too but didn't tell me description of what kind of applications will offer this product. Thanks alot and Best Regards.
  4. I wish to know where is this sensor? The reason is to modify my car for some more bhp. I will try if this works or not what I found on ebay.
  5. Before I turn on my hiace (1996) i'm hearing a buzzer. Before when i bought it second hand didn't have this noise. The km is 95,000km and 5,000km more i need to change the timing belt. Is this a warning to change the timing belt are this tone buzzer is always there during the heater of the engine? The tone buzzer switch off when the engine is strated and when i switch the engine off doesn't come on. Anyone has an idea about this buzzer?
  6. better replac with a trd one or leave the factory standard. using cone filters sometimes will give problems to the maf sensor as i had on my vitz
  7. In summer i have installed the RS front and rear bumpers on my 4wd vitz. This week me and my cousin has installed the wireing for the rear reverse lights and maked them fog lamps. I used some red paint on the bulbs beacuse i can't find a red coupler's for 21watts bulbs or ready painted 21watts bulbs. The important for me is that from outside the bulb you see it red not to light it on. My question is this. Is there an adjustment for the front spot lights that are in the bumper for longer distance. I bought the factory RS standard from toyota. Some time ago I have bought a dixie horn and installed it on my vitz. I removed the front bumper to install it and now it's ok and works very good. 3 of my friend's like it and want to buy for there cars
  8. I want to change my head lamps to morette lights and can't find on ebay which can export to malta. I want to buy angeleyes which I will install them on RS bumper with those front spot lights. Can someone give me some hints where can find this parts for my vitz. I tried on search engine but can't find what I want.
  9. Today I drived my father's car and noticed that the air condition was not cooling well as when we bought it. My father's car is automatic and has no turbo and second hand imported from japan. When we bought the aircondition was a very good one. After about 5 mins or less you need to switch off or increase the tempreature. I drived the car for about 2 hours and noticed that it's not function well. In about those 2 hours doesn't need to switch off. In about 5 years that we bought never maid a service on the air condition. What I need to check and do for this car to make the air condition works good as before like my Vitz Thanks and Best Regards Sacpul
  10. i want to use 2 horns because for daily use i will use the factory standard and if i use the dixie one that may have conflicts with the police and it's better nor to use it. the dixie one will be for shows and for somw fun with friends :) btw my car is macho for me coz it's a 4wd.
  11. in the future i will install a dixie horn on my vitz. the dixie horn is the same one of the movie duke of hazard. the car will be with 2 seperate horns. the factory standard and this funky one. what's your opinion. even if you don't like it i will do it :)
  12. well that happends to me too. my first car was a ford sierra mk1 with 1.3litre engine. that engine wasn't economical and a cosworth engine was little bit economical. Her milage was 20miles per gallon. then i put a toyota 1c diesel engine with no turbo. the economy was veru good. from 20miles per gallon then it was 45miles per gallon and also the money. from lm10 per week it was lm10 per month but that time the diesel was cheaper than the petrol. in malta there are many cars with toyota 15 diesel with or wothout turbo. the 2c turbo engine and also the 15 and 17 isuzu engine. what you say about that?
  13. It's such a wrong thing to do .. I thought about slapping the short block chevvie lump in one .. but those rotory engines are so shallow. The owner told me that the cossie had better torque and he makes better timing in drag racing (400 meter). btw the cosworth is a very nice powerful engine in my opinion and with great timing in drag racing for it's category and also in history of rally. I saw cosworth engines on ford Escort mk1 and 2, Anglia, and Cortina's. That's common in Malta to install other brand engine on their car or a powerful engine on a classic car.
  14. has someone saw a mazda rx7 with a cosworth 2.0l engine. i saw one yesterday in malta
  15. New Body Kit Will Come Soon http://www.cardomain.com/ride/2223688 Best Regards Sacpul
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