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  1. no i havent unplugged it :P i just want to check if it has been unplugged and not put back together, because the guy i bought it from seems to have bodged some stuff. the fan comes on fine yea, and it hasnt over heated on me before. and the guy didnt mention it, but you wouldnt if you were trying to flog it i suppoe!!
  2. does anyone know where the temperature gauge/sensor can be unplugged??? my gauge isnt working and ive got a pretty long drive coming up and i dont wnt to risk it over heating without me knowing. can anyone suggest anything i can do?? cheers
  3. just to update on the turbo. ive had it out and where the ct26 writing should be mine is blank. only says toyota. the only other writing anywhere on the whole thing is : 74020 and with taking it off i have discovered that whoever has put this new turbo on, has used silicone instead of a gasket on the downpipe!!!
  4. And im very quickly learning its worth ANY hassle it gives you! There just awesome cars!!!
  5. When you find a good one hang on to him, Become his best friend and buy him lots of beer. ← Hahahaha, excellent idea :D
  6. How long you been looking for?? I found mine just outside sheffield, just off jctn 36 on m1!! It took me around 3months to find one i wanted, after travelling around 700miles in total looking at some.
  7. Im curious as to what the best fog light set up is. Mine too dosent have one on even tho its also passed at least 4 mot's!!
  8. Took my gt4 to benfield toyota in leeds, an they told me that they wouldnt do the work thats needed. I think it was because of the mods on the engine, but he wasnt very clear on why. But i do have an oil leak, looks like from the sump, and apparently a power steering fluid leak, but thats not been confirmed. Also mi exhausts blowing but they wouldnt touch that either because its not a toyota exhaust. Can anyone recommend a garage or am i just gonna have to look for a toyota specialist willing to work on it?? cheers
  9. awesome looking car!!!!!
  10. Oh and i paid £2500 for it! :D
  11. tell me about it!! ah well, its worth it, its the best, and most fun car ive ever EVER driven, always puts a smile on my face :D yea ive got some pics: http://photobucket.com/albums/b183/Samk1984/ let me kno wht ya think
  12. Totally agree with Kitt on that one, discreet is loverly. but its up to you mate. :)
  13. :D :D :D thats awesome!!!!
  14. Hey just a quick rant. Was out driving with my mate last night around leeds (hes got an mr2 turbo rev3) and this d**k in a cavalier turbo pulled up next to us at some lights revving his engine n just basically being a c**k. So we just ignored him and set off when the light turned,an i looked right to see him flooring it, burning his tyres like hell, losing control and nearly taking the front end off my gt4, and also making me close to hitting my mate when i swerved to avoid him. He then pi***d off through 3 sets of reds nearly hitting a bus. Theres some major ar**holes around!! And he looked about 50, ud have thought hed have a bit more brains than that!! :censor: :censor: :ffs:
  15. Welcome ozz, im new here 2. just got myself a 92 gt4 import with 67,000 on the clock, im pretty sure its miles, it seems to be counting up in miles neway :P Oh n Monkey Boy, think yourself lucky, i wish i was 22 insuring a gt4, im only 20. an that IS a killer!! £600 for 3months
  16. Anyone know where i can get my air-con re-filled? preferably as cheap as possible :P cheers
  17. no its the celica with the electrics lol!! :P my pugs doin fine. needs a thermostat n a back window. but for a G reg on 89k miles its a trooper :D
  18. im not surprised then. If mi dad insured it on his own i bet it would be about that much!! hes not that much older than you. :P
  19. Yea its gettin polished today, may even get a buffer from 'halfrauds' (as frodo put it hahaha ) so will post up some shiney pics :D :D
  20. yea i know, i bet its so much cheaper for you! how old are you? got no claims i guess?? :ffs:
  21. tell me bout it. its costing me 600squids for insurance for 3months till im 21!! my pug 205gti soft top costs me 1700 now!!!!!!
  22. thats a nice mr2!!! my mates got a rev3 turbo, flip tone purple/green. tis loverly
  23. yea thats me sorry, should be there now!!
  24. http://photobucket.com/albums/b183/Samk1984/ heres mine, got it 7/7/05.
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