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  1. il add another gen5 then, even though were getting beat!!! http://photobucket.com/albums/b183/Samk1984/ got some pics
  2. K ive got the pics loaded. http://photobucket.com/albums/b183/Samk1984/ Have a ganders.
  3. well i found a company today, whos willing to insure me for 3months to cover till im 21 in august, then swap it so its cheaper when im 21. so all is good. in my dads name its around 1700 for the year with me being 20
  4. this may sound like a stupid question but where can i upload my pics to so u guys can look???
  5. yea they do, and tax, we get taxed for the upkeep of our roads. my job requires me to drive all over the country, i do about 2000miles a week in a company car, and the state of most of the roads in britian is unbelievable. its worthless paying tax because there obviously not using it to keep the road surfaces in good condition!!!
  6. found a company thats pretty damn good: www.insureyourmotor.com especially for over 21 drivers, there prices are one of the best.
  7. ha well, thats where the problems start. no matter how many online quotes i get that are acceptable, when i ring up and say im not 21 untill august, they either laugh, or just say no :P im going to stop believing online quotes, they lie!!!! so looks like i could be waiting till august. which is a ****** because i wanted it for mi hols at the end of this month. Bit daft of me to think anyone would touch me at 20 i guess. but its not like i'm doing it on my own, i was doing it through my dads, putting him as the named driver, untill i was 21. But unfortunately no-one will cover it with me on the policy, so im a bit stuck!
  8. its 185. yea il get some pics up asap. also another prob has just occured. whatever boy racers done these things, hes been a bit od a boger, and somehow the electrics are tied in with the speed and milometer. for example. you press the door lock button, and the speedo goes to 80mph and it turns .4 of a mile on the milometer!!! yea the needles stick, you have to tap the plastic to make em move, not all the time, only happend once. but its still not good!
  9. SamK1984


    Oh and does anyone know a company thats pretty good with gt4 insurance?? cheers
  10. Hey all, got myself a gt4 at last. its a lovely car, bin looked after really well. But a bit of a boy racer had it before the guy that sold it to me so its got loads of little toys. Adjustable boost, Induction Kit, chipped ecu, water jets onto the intercooler, bailey dump valve, looks like an uprated intercooler too. its even got neons!! but all in all, its a beast of a car. couple of things i wanted to ask though. hes put some white lockwood dials on, but he must have been a complete a**e, cos they stick. are they easy to take off and re-fit?? Also it looks like hes had a new turbo put on, is there anyway i can find out what it is, if its just a replacement, or an uprated one? Im getting a full toyota service done on tuesday just for peace of mind. Can anyone let me know anything i should keep my eye out for? thanks, sam
  11. thnx for the response guys. decided to steer clear. sounds bit too much hassle. found another beauty anyway! thanks again!!!
  12. Been looking at a lovely gt4 and he wants peanuts for it, because its got a noisy front diff. Would getting a replacement front diff be costly/difficult? And what other problems could having a naff front diff have caused to the car??
  13. yea ive tried autotrader, closest ones to me are around 80-100 miles away unfortunately. Went on a road trip to nuneaton on sunday to see a couple, one was supposed to be a fresh jap import, looked like it had been sat there for months, looked like the turbo was leaking too, after the test drive the engine bay was full with exhaust fumes!
  14. hey guys. have decided i want a gt4 st185, and after going to santapods japshow a couple of weeks ago, decided i DEFIANTELY want one :D ive been looking around for a month or so now. just wondering if any of you have any tips for what i should be looking out for, or even wheres a good place to look? thanks alot.
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