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  1. id rather watch monkeys play than women actually,much more entertaining. infact i think it would be a instant hit. bring on monkey tennis! oh and another thing, they are getting paid the same as men now for less work! (only 3 sets max) surely thats not fair. ok.....rant over ! i feel better now. ps- i reckon an oranguang vs chimp in the final !!
  2. HI Jad, good choice my man! I bought an 03 reg yaris T sport and im well happy with it, it is a FUN car to drive (so rare these days). Everybody drives a saxo etc this gets looks as its sporty and actually quite rare. Cant believe your insurance quote though,blimey I thought £350 was bad!! still........worth every penny,first time ive driven round with a smile on my face since i dumped my dwarf girlfriend!!! :P
  3. Poor tim is a nearly man !!. If us mere mortals in real life were like him we would all b unemployed. imagine-"I nearly got the deal boss"! or "I nearly saved his life" (nurse to doctor), or a pilot saying "I nearly landed the plane on the runway"!. Nearly isn't good enough in real life. The rest of us cant afford to be nearly good at our jobs.
  4. 2 funny things ive seen recently:- 1) an old man being chased and attacked by a rampant seagull in gloucester!-you had to be there! 2)a bmw convertible owner struggling to put roof on when the skies opened unexpectedly-he and the inside of the car was just soaked!...had to pull over and watch him!...call me mean! little things...please little minds I guess
  5. doh! so masturbating while driving is out too i guess
  6. toyota fixed one rattle from the drivers side under warranty by replacing the seat! have to take it back as its rattling from the left now! doh! still....while its done free i don't mind.
  7. cant beat hong kong.Stroud has good scenery but nothing compared to wales.Wales even beats cumbria for me.mind u the south west coast of irelands pretty amazing too.
  8. http://uk.photos.yahoo.com/bc/peterabbit30...rc=ph%26.view=t we went to explore wales 14/6/03 in our yaris t sport and saw the beautiful llyn brianne.I have posted 3 pics in case others may wish to go there. Got me wondering,have you got any places u would recommend,a pic would help recommend it of course. Nothing beats driving my yaris on a beautiful summers day. Interesting looking at the differences in the trip meter with sunroof open/closed!
  9. mum,when im 17 can i learn with that instuctor.....it looks fun
  10. i can see what they mean.... I saw swedish wife exchange and immediately tried to swap my wife after!!! movies influence u more than u think lol :P
  11. whats that on my mat.....hmm looks like poo.....feels like poo.....yuck! smells like poo......ergh! tastes like poo...... lucky i didn't tread in it!!!!
  12. :meet: keep em coming! that was truly great
  13. ive just thought about all the cars named after 'adult art magazines': mini MAYFAIR mini CLUBman ford ESCORT ford FIESTA and im sure there must be more.... so if u are a pervie do u have to drive one of these cars?!?.....if so why dont they have a special section for macs.....?! ps- i didnt know the name of any top shelf mags(honest!),so have just been and done research for this thread....most fun ive had in ages. :bookworm: pps-i swear they made a diahatsu juceehore!!!
  14. could it be that before you were just ugly and now after all the driving around in the yaris you havent walked much you are now fat and ugly... :crutchy: (u know im jokin right?!),no really keep up the good work and leave the ladeeees to us....
  15. should have bought it in blue,black,grey or red.....pink really isnt a good idea.....oh and kicking the wife out helps i find :meet:
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