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  1. if you just want to fix the smell i don't think a replacement clutch will necessarily fix it... but if your car hasn't had a new clutch ever and you're planning on holding it awhile yet i would say you got nothing to lose by going in and saying whats happening and seeing if they can sort it out. B) At least if it is replaced you dont have to worry about a paying for fixing a worn clutch later...even if it is still smelly
  2. you dont want to hear the full story eg -dealers delivery turning out to be 6 months if you are lucky... -the spec keeps changing... -faults with poor paint work, boots springing open when pressing the clutch etc -ford just cant give definite answers about anything it seems. they are trying to prevent internet dealers from cashing in... and best off all i got £1460 off the vw OTRP from a dealer;-) I know, apperently this is impossible they say!
  3. hey K19 I would suggest removing the induction kit if not too difficult to do. As for the toyota fitted stuff i think that wouldn't cause any warranty repair issues. then let them test drive it
  4. as a dr i can reliably confirm that average sized females require approx 1500 calories while average male about 2500 calories - this is for base line activites - theoretically if your intake never exceeded this and you did no "extra activities" then you could not gain weight. In reality...... we probably don't even get enough base line activites done anymore so....
  5. If you are adding stuff to your car i reckon toyota's own insurance may work out better. Otherwise try Greenlight insurance. they specialise in faster / modded cars - my bro' got 1k off when he moved to them. he's 23 with a type r and a years driving license....
  6. good advice for k19 - nice one John;-) The aerial i got is about 6" long - you can get them in halfords. But i kinda liked the stubbier ones on the honda civic - tested one from my bro's type R and it worked so got one off ebay - approx £12 with post! - they are £30 in a honda dealer ( he got his nicked ha ha ha) Just checked ebay - tons of these aerials but not the honda civic type. hope this helps
  7. yep - can confirm that it happens and there is no definite way of ensuring it goes. mine was doing it at 20k - had a warranty clutch change ( and i could feel that the clutch had been changed) but within a week was still doing it - especially when doing a maneouver that includes reversing uphill. its now 33k and counting. did it last week if i remember correctly.....
  8. yea.... i need more speed but still keeping the luxuries too. was considering the focus st..... but ford were messing up..and i really got fed up of explaing how and why i was considering spending 20k on a ford;-) so its looking like a gti mk5.....
  9. So true K19 LOL- and it is probably why i dont hear the aerial ringing as i try to go faster - the engine/exhaust sound drowns it out!!.
  10. why not swap your existing changer for an mp3 changer - if you are satisfied with the sound production of your current unit?
  11. hi guy g3m xr - wish you could track down that inof you talk of. about a year ago i tried to find a solution to keep mpg info but take out the OEM unit but no joy...... ended up stick a 1DIN unit above the ashtray. To get better sound from the OEM unit you would need some kind of aux out connection to hook up to an amp/equaliser. Unfortunately all i know of is a speaker->rca converter ( not a true aux out) that costs about £5 in halfords. And you can hook up a sony cd mp3 changer to the headuinit with a connects2 aux in adapter (£45). some on ebay - search "toyota aux" hope this helps
  12. hiya i get hum/ringing noise at around 90 - 110 miles an hour. I think it is the roof whip aerial. I took mine off and replaced it with the shorter bee sting type ( as on type R civic ) and it stopped Unscrew it off and go for a spin - then you can tell for sure hope this helps
  13. Planning on selling my 03 CTS, 3dr blue, 32k miles - part ex value from VW today is 7k
  14. i agree - the CTS IMO is reliable. PaulT's probably covered the issues -clutch problem is probably arguable - you get the smell but even a replacement clutch doesnt fix it so....... but should be done under warranty. mine was. no difference... oh and selling mine BTW - mmmh - you live in moscow, forget it;-) - radio dash trim not 100% fit - cam bolt - but don't know how you could check this b4 buying
  15. hi timo, some thots for: (depending on how the good unit is!) 1. it is 100% truly hands free eg touchscreen/button dial pad on unit etc so phone can be locked in glove box... 2. no battery issues with the radio..... 3. i have been thinking of getting one but i need some one to tell me how god they are B) against 1.not many units to choose from yet - parrot one,pioneer one and i think maplin do one.... 2.the units dont look too great when it comes to audio production though....
  16. hello Mr bump thanx for that... good thing i didn't rip it out then yea? Was considering it being part of the sat nav and all! cheers
  17. hey guys help needed! stripping out the dvd sat nav that came with my 2003 corolla t- sport as planning to sell the car. its the type that has the dvd unit under the front passenger seat - so any one interested in a toyota dvd sat nav can contact me..... anyways, when i lifted the front seat up to get at the dvd unit i saw: 1. a yellow cable running into the seat?? is this related to the airbag? 2. a black bosch device ? sensor?? it was secured in a metal outer covering. what does it do? IS any of this related to the sat nav? pix included. thanx for any pointers
  18. Hi mate I set this up. link below to the pix. pm me if you need any other help.. http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.p...album&album=222
  19. hiya i think u mean like an aux in? U may need to search the site but as far as i know there isnt a straight forward way of doing this. Indirect ways usally all require u to buy an adaptor of sorts... 1. fm aerial adaptor - this sends the signal through the aerial connector (halfords) 2. fm transmitter - little box that sends signal via fm to your radio... This is stirctly illegal, but is tidier, though sound quality can vary (ebay, amazon) I take it your stereo does not have a tape deck OR a cd changer input( there are aux adapters that can send the signal through the cd changer connector montee
  20. i have been considering the focus ST for awhile now... i got a CTS now. my only worry is 19k on any car brand new, much less a ford means that in a few years you would lose say 8-10k. too much. though i have read the residuals expected to beat the gti golf ( how i dont know) I just need a car with all the gizmos, comfortable and functional, as well as 0-60mph in less than 7secs. current options: new ford focus ST 4dr audi A3 sportback new golf gti 4dr ( though R32, 4wd coming out soon)
  21. hey - is this automatic? or do you manually put the tyre dimensions in? how do you do it? So i can do it when i change mine As far as i can say(others may know more), the speed pulse signal comes from the number of wheel revs/ time - so a smaller diameter will increase the revs and distort the computations of things like how long it is left to get there, etc ( i know these arent that important) But the important thing is you know how to set this on the nav. I have acolor full screen one. thanx for any pointers
  22. I wasn't sure how brave you were... but from the above it thot, well cant hurt, so...if you interested... i stuck a 1DIN unit in the ashtray bit...... not easy though... but workable
  23. hiya i think that unitl some one knowledge able can reply i will say: By remote you mean a low voltage wire to turn on the amp when the H/U comes on? If so, does your head unit have a a cd changer connector - i think it is a big white connector usually, 12 pins? Your amp might say what voltage is needed to turn it on. then using a voltmeter, check out which of the pins on the back of your H/U turns on when the unit comes on and provides a similar voltage. this is probably how i would do it. Technically, it could be any non-data pin but i cant suggest how we could find that out. But i still would wait for the gurus to respond
  24. i have a toyota full screen head unit sat nav in an 03 CTS. no trip/mpg info on it. I wonder why? well just letting you know......
  25. hey guys while on the subject, can anyone say anything for or against 205/60/16 size of tyres. I ask cos i have a sat nav in my cts and while i want wider tyres i dont want to affect the sat nav computer thanx for any pointers
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